On Equal FootingMature

He composed himself, his  ears picked the crashing sound as the water hit the bottom with eash bursts of energy as it landed on the rocks. He stretched his hands; a sharp sting came from his wrist.

"Auh!” Tenox shouted

“Your hands don’t harness ,you do. Take your time” Milo tried to demonstrate how it was done his hands at his side. “Now do you get it?”

He began a fresh, with the man’s eyes sinking into him. Why hadn’t Milo told him that last daughter’s reign, did the man just want every chance to hit him?

Tenox looked up in the sky; it had finally cleared, the daughter was striking and so were her admirers. He could see the boldest trying to out-shine the other stars, desperate for her attention.

He breathed in and out and he accessed his Pymid, spreading out his sensors; he noticed the different energy sources around him but none as huge as the hydro  from the falls. He harnessed, he felt balmy where the pymid made contact with his skin. Then he drew the gigantic mass, it got out of proportion, becoming distorted energy. He felt a force hitting his energy shield, the pain shot into his head, he had to release it or else the headache would be worse, he abruptly released the link.

Milo leaped to his side; He noticed the man’s dilated pupils, fury written all too clearly.

"What foolishness is this?...ahh?" Milo growled.

"I said you draw and hold it, just for a few seconds then create your shield. We have been through this before. Damn cripple."

"Sorry, it was too much I could not…”

"Could not? What are you talking about?" The man put down the lamp.

"You call this too much? Your funny vim friends are in Gara, do you know how far they have gone,yet here you are  distorting energy all around.” Milo barked.

“Do you know it could burst and believe me what you have felt is nothing."

Milo poked his head and asked "Stony as your head is I think even you will understand what I am trying to say. Now start”

"I have been drawing energy for hours…I am tired." he shouted back.

To create a shield that covers your whole body needed more energy than he could harness in a few seconds. Still he had to try.

Milo just stood there looking at him; his pasture said one thing, impatience.

He created a shield; felt it tighten, he tried to expand it but could not. His muscles tightened, heart pounding in his ears, the dizziness worsened he had to release it or else he was gone. Milo would kill him this time. Instead of releasing it, he just distributed; with which came stiffness.

He heard a voice from a distance but he couldn't tell whether it was in his head or from Milo, he kept distributing energy until he felt his body become light. The shouting became louder; it must be Milo, he turned to look.

Milo was gawking at him. Something was not right, he noticed the roof was closer when he eyes settled on Milo; a realization struck him they were looking at each other on the same eye level. He looked down, the floor was far. Suddenly the dizziness became unbearable.

The End

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