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They all originated from the Dreden’s hills. Gara flows to the North, Trismat surges through the West, Penra gushes east to the Harvester’s Sea, and Sulb, a tributary flowing South East. These rivers are the life line through which the four main settlements in Maragan rose. Except for Kolmat; survival necessitated its raise.

The Trismat River was series of falls, and homes were features along its path before reaching Trismat the city prior to leading into the sea. 

The Gazalling falls were a few hours ride from the City of Trismat and being one of the smallest falls it was found next to small farm house, which happened to be at the base of the falls. Adjoining the falls was a cave and in sit rested a crooked shape. The figure was characterized by shaking and a constant whimper.

He tried to regain his strength but, he seemed unable to recover the little energy he had earlier possessed. The climb to the falls would have been simpler but thanks to Milo it had turned out worse and he couldn’t bring his tremors it under control. He had tried to harness energy crawling up here but the little he had got was all used up trying to make sure he made it into the cave.

After a few minutes he finally sat up, looked at his hands shaking; bad but better than before. Reaching into his pockets, he got the bracemid Milo had lent him; the man had been clear on that. With trembling hands he pushed the bracemid into his wrists which easily slide in. He turned to face the open view from the cave to the falls.

He relaxed and just as Milo had scolded him into doing time and time again tried accessing the bracemid, he felt warmth from it, good. He relaxed further, as he became aware of the turbulent mass of energy hitting the bottom rocks, and then came the hard part.

Tenox strained to harness the energy he sensed. The sensation was a thrust as the bracemid kicked to life. He harnessed and felt its effects, as it strengthened his frail body. With the strength came pain as his muscles stretched out and became rigid. He felt a throbbing as the energy stirred in backbone before it strengthened. When he relaxed, he distributed it to the rest of his body until he was seated up right. He inched closer to the mouth of the cave, his vision became blurry. He clenched teeth to keep from screaming as the sting temporarily returned.

The daughter's reign had a gloomy cast to it, even the stars seemed to appear and vanish in the sky. He had been harnessing energy for some time and the weakness in his body had disappeared but the dizziness was persistent, he was holding to much energy to feed his need for which seemed to be growing. Milo claimed the dizziness was due a trait most dredens suffered from during their early days.

"Mmmmh, I knew you could make it without those silly sticks of yours." Milo said as he entered carrying a small bag which contained his food and a lamp; usual his seat was always at the corner of the cave.

Tenox had lost count of how many minutes he had sat there harnessing energy, the same exercise of drawing and releasing. And there sat Milo eating. The man was too clever he had come prepared for the cold, moving with a coat while Tenox was freezing.

Milo sat comfortably, watching him go through the basic drawing and releasing, the basics every vim had to learn.

“I... my back…am sore. I can't longer” Tenox moaned.

"You have been crawling like a worm your whole pitiful life, and just sitting for a few hours and you are complaining thank the winds that you don’t end up on your belly…again " Milo spat.

Tenox had gotten used to Milo. He felt the cold sinking into him; each breath was a pain, and his back a constant reminder of his condition.

"Are you ready?" Milo asked

"Yes” He replied

"Then what are you waiting for?" Milo barked as he moved close and sat next to Tenox with his small stool.

The End

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