Dreden from Maragan.Mature

She sat in the quiet room, her life was to be altered for the third time, but she worried not. She changed masks as much as the next woman changed her under clothes but that did not bother her, for deep down she knew the color of her true mask.

She had approached a few people and finally she had been shown the right door to knock. This door, that paid the highest fee to its dredens, the 12thbell clan. Just a few blocks away would have been the 6th, 3rdand the 9thbell clans’ territories in Drop or rather the center of Drop.  The door on the right opened and a man entered followed a woman, Reel smiled inwardly. The man was obviously no drifter but the woman was a real drifter, small in posture, they sat in front of her.

“Nice of you to grace us with your presence dreden, I am simply referred to as Swell.” The man said. “You could have made not better choice than...”

“Dreden Zepta, you claim to be from Maragan?” the woman interrupted the man.

By the way he took it was clear who was master here.

“I don’t claim, I am” Zepta replied.

The woman looked at her then back to the paper. Held it up and looked at her. “To me everything here is a claim dreden.”

“Which part of Maragan are you from?” the woman continued.

Shit. She had been told the bell clans were fighting for dredens and little else was required as long as you swore service to that particular bell clan.

“Is this necessary?” she asked “Am I now supposed to tell you where my mother’s grave stone is?” Anger clear in her voice.

The man looked at the woman; it seemed he knew how much in need of dredens the bell clans were.

“It is half-sister,” the dreden said hardness around her eyes that Zepta hadn’t noticed. “If you feel no need to, I am sure you know the way you got in. Catch up with mother Maragan if you so desire or find the other bell clans and compare, see for yourself which is better, working for the 12thor some other bell clans.”

Zepta picked up her bag and headed for the door.

“Dreden Riim, you…” before the man was silenced.

She opened the door and held it, damn there was nothing she admired like a woman with a backbone, dreden or not. Half way through the door she shut it and took her seat.

The End

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