No DifferentMature

“Seriously I couldn’t understand a thing” Zhol moved back and stood a side.

“He has learnt a lesson; I think we should let him now go. He hasn’t seen all our faces.” Ruka said, trying to talk the twins out of this insane idea.

Ruka had learned his lesson, the twins did not respond well to threats. Not after Ruka’s last attempt

 “I don’t need eyes to know your smell verm…”

‘’You heard him, besides we didn’t plan on letting him go, did we brother?” Zhol asked

“Of course not” Zhal answered always few of words and the most ruthless among the twins.

One thing she had learned about the twins was, tended to disagree most of the time but when they had a joined opinion no one could change it. Hope mighty Bellion knew she had no idea of what the twins had planned all a long.

“Lets get done; it seems we won’t get much out of this one.” Zhol said.”But this is all we need” he declared holding up the black bound scroll.

“Let Reel have the honor” Zhol said. Almost sadly one would have thought.

Her blood chilled. Me! Why? She could not move she just remained there staring on the whimpering man in robes.

“Let me do it” Onro said. “Just look at her; she’s …”

“Enough! Onron, you sure brother?” Zhal asked.

“Didn’t you teach her what she needs to know?” Zhol moved to words the bound man and sat him on the chair. Held his hair and pulled his head back.

“You can’t do this to her Zhol,” but on look from Zhol had Onro quiet, all this while Ruka just looked, it seemed the twins had finally planted the fear of Bellion himself into him.

“Reel” Zhol called.

She looked towards Zhal but no help come from him either. Onro turned to the sides.

She moved but it felt like a dream the body and legs were not hers. She reached the the polican, head pulled back wards. And slowly she accessed her pymid. She drew enough biomass and strengthened and hands.  She watched the Policans throat; it looked like he was trying to say something.

“Damn you drifting whore vermin… I curse you all by Konrom…I do”

“There I though he was a Pollian” Zhal said

“Wait till you read the scroll” Zhol replied.

They seemed not troubled at all, as if it was an everyday thing.

Reel raised her hand as the polican spoke. With all the strength she had harnessed, she slashed and his throat, the snap of bones and choking sound.

I have just killed a holy man, a polican. Now she was no different from the others.

The End

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