Grips of VerminMature

“Who are?” the pollian breathed

“Hah! So the holy one has gotten his balls back good to know” Zhal laughed.

“Do you remember me” Zhal moved closer with a lamp so that the man could clearly see him.

“you have no idea what you are doing” The pollian said

Even though she never liked them for what they had done, Reel could not bare to watch Bellion’s holy one bound to a chair…like some out caste.

The pollian seemed to realize there was nothing he could do.

“What are you doing with these Droppers Gorge? You are not…”

“He is their leader, I told you brother” Zhol said, clearly excited.” Though only Bellion knows how this happened” he said looking at the black protruding metal on the man’s shoulder.

“You know what crime it is against Bellion to touc…”Zhol smacked the pollican.

Reel felt herself cringinging inside. He is a holy man she thought.

“Bellion, bellion…is he the one who told yu hunt down my brother, because he is a drifter, hah will he make. Prehaps he will help you then” Zhol said

“You are a disgrace…you could have been more…” The seemed to consider his words, “Your reward shall be great…money, titles, and Bellion’s own blessings if you let me go. All this will be forgotten by Bellion I swear, didn’t you want to be a pollain Gorge?”

“Seem’s to me I don’t need all that, I have this. “ Zhol said producing scroll.

“You are trash…“the Polian screamed. ‘’I curse you all in the name of Polikoth.“

The bound Polian writhed in pain. Blood oozing from his left shoulder

“Our lives have been hard with people like you” Zhal continued.

The twins were the only ones not affected by what was happening, how could they; they had arranged the whole thing. If they were found, winds, they were done.

So this is the justice they thought to avenge for those they had lost. If this was justice she would not be part of it. But how should she move? Tell them she had to clear the sleeping grounds Zhol would not buy that. She was no longer the special one.

 “Pitiful vermin, this is not Rikon, the fools let them selves be fooled by trash but we won’t, by Komron I will die but, you sea vermin creature will not…”

She felt the wavering of an invisible force, the polican jerked as if one who had been hit. She was not the only one terrified she could see even the other three were. There was little they could, what if she reported, but she too would be arrested, tortured and...

Another punch landed before they blind folded the pollian.

The End

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