The CrippleMature

He opened his eyes; his view met by advancing admires boldly approaching the daughter of the sky. He felt sticky on his backside and coldness all over his body which was worsened by the tremors travelling all around. This was bad but it was better, than to be caught up in that dream, always that very face. Milo was right he should just end his poor existence nicely, who would miss him, Inka? No, she too must have just felt pity for him. As he lay there he thought of their last son's reign together.

He was among the few watching the dredens practicing, he watched as they went about their forms, the physical exercise was meant to clear one’s mind and it comprised of only four stages, the slow motions moving their bodies, that usually went on for some time and then the it shifted to vigorous part which left most of the men and women dripping with sweat and later on their got back to the slow motion and the tempo increased a little. Joloz claimed all mirrored four seasons and rivers of Maragan.

Tenox always occupied the same spot, under a tree and furthest from the dredens. None of the others had understood, most had seen it as he solitary nature, but they had no idea how much he hated being under the son’s rays, which ended making him feeling ticklish. His eyes were drawn back to his feeble legs.

His legs had a ghostly look to them, small rigid and full of black scars. He felt the son’s rays maneuver through the thick shade and glare at him. Nothing seemed to stand his looks not even this island. He slowly moved away from the rays condemning him.

He watched the drills by the dredens and some soldiers, which only made him feel worse, why him?

 These dredens were the normal residents of the camp, the reinforce form Kolmat had left soon after. But Inka said this group of dredens was the mobile one manning the coast. The first of dredens group patrolled from the camp back to Kolmat while the second manned the encampment to somewhere close to the next city what Joloz had called Solb or Sulb. They too would be leaving for the City of Kolmat from there he knew what awaited his two friends but him nothings.

What would he do when time came to leave this place he had ever really known and could remember? He looked at his worst enemy, his own legs. It was only a few son’s away when he spoke to Joloz but the conversations was still clear in his head.

“Why do they look at me like that?” he asked. ”Are there no cripples on this island?”

“It is Maragan” Joloz replied

“Maragan?” he inquired

“Yes, that’s the name of the island” Joloz replied. He could not help but see that the Joloz’s attention was on dredens excising out in the open. “I thought you needed to know.” he then turned and looked at him, “Its pity they feel for you, no one truly knows how you came to be like that. Don’t think they hate you. No they don’t after all you are a brother.” Joloz smiled to that.

As it turned out he hated that look and the word associated with it, pity. Why would they look at him like that, was he an animal. But when his eyes moved back to his legs he understood why, he could never be like Joloz, Inka, or the other.

After their training, the dredens usually dispersed, the truth was he hated all the talk about dredens and harvesters, when the others were talking of how great they would be it made him wonder what they secretly thought of him.

He saw Inka coming over; she looked vibrant as always. He felt his mood improve, she was the only who managed that.

“Did you see that?” she asked excitingly.

“Yes” he replied, showing what could possibly be taken for a grin.

“Damn! That man, oh shit hope no one heard me,” she turned to look at the other vims moving away.

They were looking at them? Guess wondering what a girl like her was doing with him.

“I meant did you see? They say they haven’t seen one like him in a while, managing to oppose three dredens. Yet he is still putting on bracemid.” She sat and lay on the ground next to him leaving the big tree trunk all to him.

He watched her with a fascination.

“Dreden Mario will soon be traveling to Gara. They say the Lord Harvester himself was impressed.” She said. “I will get there soon.”

“Joloz, guess what, Lakol says we might just be in time with the other Vims being taken to Gara” Inka said.  

He had forgotten Joloz was there.

“Yes, heard it the three son’s reigns ago” Joloz said.

And you never bothered to tell me. That was some friend. He was always the last to hear anything, did they think him deaf?

He could tell Joloz never wanted to talk much about, was he aware I hated whenever they talked about that.

“They have to let you come too. After…” She paused.

When he looked he saw one of the dredens signaling them to come over.

“I will be there, you just go” he told them.

He took step after step as he moved towards the camp, only the second group of seemed to remain. Slowly with his walking sticks he moved slowly to the camp. It would be late but he was sure he would soon be in his tent. By the time he had gotten to the camp the dredens bound for Kolmat were gone and so were his friends.

The End

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