The La'kan SealMature

Lord Harvester Oswald, the defender of the city of Kolmat and its highest ranking officer in the city that always bordered Rikon had his quarters at the coast line.

 It was an acropolis that was built to with stand attacks from Harvest and was lead by one of the hardest men Juol had ever.

As the doors were opened for him, his eye caught the red calabash being put on the table. Good to know you have not forgotten tradition Lord Harvester, just like him the young man stack to the old ways of celebrating with blood after a bloodless.

"Brother." the young Lord said

"Brother" Juol replied, greeting the lord, they held hands.

Just like his own, Oswald had small hands but the muscles were all over.

The way the greeting had began it implied that the occasion was a social one. If the man had used his official title it would have meant something else still he had to watch out. 

“You may leave Dreden Tuke".The Lord Harvestrer said.

Tuke hesitated, “I will be out, Lord Harvester, in case of anything” Tuke said.

“Of course you will” the Lord Harvester replied.

Juol heard the door silently close

After a few minutes, Oswald turned and moved to the table got the bowl, turned then took a sip and passed it to him; he took a sip and passed it back.

Oswald then got two fruits and gave one to him as he ate the other.

"Please have a sit; father” Oswald gestured to the two seats.

Juol took a seat and watched Oswald move towards his table and came back with a letter.

“This came in a few daughters away, and I was to hand it over to you upon your immediate return” Oswald said passing him the letter.”Thought it seems your always prefer taking your own time, father”

Why was he not surprised, always finding something to blame his father for;You know its not my fault son, you chose your own path.

“Unexpected complications a rose Lord Harvester” Juol replied as he received the letter.

Juol, looked at the letter, the seal was secure; it was a La'kan seal belonging to her grace the Queen.

The End

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