Left BehindMature

 Tenox watched as the last line of soldiers disappeared from the sight, he tried to strain his eyes as much as possible but still nothing, they had grow as smaller with the distance until nothing was left. This was the last group. Joloz and Inka had gone with the second group. He felt tears at the edge of his eyes, it all pointed to the simple truth; he was worthless.

The view from the hill was clear and he had decided to come here earlier, he never wanted more goodbyes, and what good did they ever do. They had all lied to him even Joloz it was better to watch from a distance and cry if need be.

"Cripple" someone shouted from below.

He turned, by moving his hands so that his whole body was turned towards the voice he slowly moved down from the raised section, until he was next to Milo. The man continued to chew with his gaze towards the direction the last dreden had taken. He saw the man’s expression shift from anger to loathing. A thought seemed to occur to Milo, he looked at Tenox and spat, Tenox tried to avoid but he was slow. It landed on his fingers.

"If suicide is what you have in mind, please you are welcome though find a place where your remains wouldn’t be found, and far away I want no one dirtying this camp with black brains, old bones " Milo said, disgust written all over his face. " and any other crippled thing you got attached to your body.” He added with amusement.

"What have I ever done to you?" Tenox asked with tears in his eyes.

“Look around cripple; anything wrong here is your fault.” Milo turned towards Kolmat.”Why do I have to be left with this…”

“You think like being here, with you!” Tenox said 

“Eh! Now you’re too special to be with the likes of me? Hah“ Milo inquired, moving closer to him.

“Yebby’s group… you were supposed to go with happens to be scouting, the coastline towards Sulb.” The man tightened his fingers around his Tenox’s chin. “Doesn’t that sound fishy? Earlier they said you were to be taken to Kolmat; then have to check out the coastline! And now me to escort you…aah!!What you know anyway.”

Tenox felt an anger begin to ache around his chest.

“I just wonder whether it will be worth burying your body along the way or just let the maggots…”

His chest began to tighten, head pounding; he wanted to seal off the man’s lips but Milo continued to talk and talk. The pounding increased until he couldn’t take it anymore. He shut his eyes with trembling hands, falling sideways.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” He shouted, while blocking his ears. Why can’t they just leave me alone? 

The End

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