The Rule of TwinsMature

When she entered the hole-up, her legs were bleeding, she had run all the way, got lost and finally she had made it.

“Ah ha… there is your girl friend, now relax” Zhol said.

She could see him now clearly; she just moved to her section and sat, she was too tired to light her heat drum so she just sat there, after a few seconds she moved to Couto.

“Jalo?” he asked

She could not answer she just shook her head. Jalo had failed to make it, just because Zhol had been just disappeared. I t was all the twins fault or was it hers for not helping. No, everyone for…

“I INFORMED YOU!” Zhol shot back.

“I am tired of you two.” Ruka said. ”always getting us in trouble… but for this I…”

 She watched Zhal come over and got the small sack bag they always carried. She had even forgotten she had it.

“You where supposed to whistle twice” Ruka snarled.

“Well the second got lost in the wind” Zhol said.

His brother Zhal was pouring everything on the floor, Next to the fire. The room they occupied was underground it had once been a store house so there was enough room. Thought it lacked air at times it was safer than most.

“I am joining the 12that least they don’t have to suffer like dogs.” Ruka said as he headed for the door.

There were exactly seventeen in the hide out.

“Those who want can come with me,” Ruka said.

Reel knew this was bound to get bad. But she also knew Ruka was right, the twins only cared for each other, and one of them did not even look like the other drifters.

She watched as two stood up and then three, she could join them but would it be any different. Ruka was mean but at least he looked out for the small ones.

She watched as Ruka eyes turned to her. No words were said but she knew what she was supposed to do.

Slowly she stood up. That’s when Zhal left what he was doing all attention towards her. Even Zhol seemed to just look. She watched as most of the drifters finally stood up.

“We have taken care of you… if this is how it will be, then pay up; for the comfort, security and the food.” Zhol said

“We worked for all those, so there is nothing we owe you.” Ruka shoot back.

“Do you know how the 12thtreat them drifters better? ha...”

“You heard him, calling us drifters too; at least the pretence is now over Elidelain.” Ruka said

There was something about the twins; they looked alike in every aspect except their complexion. Zhal looked like any drifter but Zhol was Elidelian nothing on him to associate with them except his brother.

“Reem, Quop, Deji and Couto get back here,” Zhol called.

“Let’s go” Ruka said.

As he turned, with him around eight drifters followed. She felt a hand yank backwards.

“You are not going anywhere.”

“Let go off me...” She cried.

But the grip did not loosen.


The End

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