Drifting VerminMature

It all began with the earth quake; the bells and the earth quake. She remembered it all. Mother had been reciting the dictations of Bellion. At thirteen years she remembered the bells before she went off to sleep. Then the shaking and shaking, which was all she remembered.

It was two days before they found her. Those rescuing had first began with the areas occupied by the nobles and the rich. Much as they had also been the least affected, then the other Elidelians were searched for, the slums occupied by the poor and drifters were not priority.

The Polians were the only ones who ventured outside the rich quarters to help the poor that’s how she was found, in the ruins of Drop. All had been fair then, they were helped, it did not matter drifter of Elidelian, until the cause of the quake was discovered a week after. All drifters were thrown out, those who had ones been friends turned against them, she was not alone, they were many.  Most were beaten to death; she remembered the words ‘drifting vermin’ being used. The sick and the weak were left to die. Wia, her friend had been among those.

 Then the rounding up began. They were  being hunted not even the warnings from the Elid slowed the mobs, the Do-polian condemned the acts saying ‘the gods would strike those who carried out this hideous acts’ but everyone knew that the lower polians were among those who encouraged the mobs. They left their duties in the Bell houses of worship and carried their summons to the temporal settlements.  Saying this was the fate for integrating with drifting vermin, beings who indulged with demons in the outer seas, where else do you think there powers come from? They asked.

 Reek found company among her own; they moved in the nights rummaging around for left- overs from the settlements and invaded the rubbish hips in Qwantel, and always in packs, numbers always helped in a life of a drifter. During the son’s reign they would go deep into the ruins, safer from the Elidalians. Most of the nobles and the rich had moved away, to the other side, they called it Qwantel meaning the ‘new beginning’ and she knew exactly from what.  Just last son’s reign, they had been chased and stoned; the swelling on her fore head was still there, testimony to her luck or doom.

The others were also picking, the left overs as fast as possible, the drums were used as rubbish bins, they did not steal them for heat drums, they each now had their own and other excess ones to trade for just in case. So this time around they moved with sack bags to easily carry and disappear in case of any signs of trouble.

Zhol one of the twins was on the lookout; Zhal was not with them. She pushed everything she got into the small sack cloth, anything that looked eatable or worth small coin, anything.

Everything was done quietly until someone whistled, must have been Zhol. She looked around every drifter was motionless.

“Where is the twin?” Ruka asked alarm clearly sounding in his voice.

The thin boy had got to his feet. Reel looked at the exit, Zhol was not there. She didn’t have to be told, she scrambled for the exit, she ran but was the last.

As she ran she heard a stumble from behind she increased her speed. Then she had the howls. Her bladder gave way. The howls were just behind her, she was fast but fast enough. Every ran silently trying to head for the exit, Jalohe jumped over him and never looked back. “Help, help me….Reeel” She heard him scream.

Then she had the shrieking sound from the boy, the night clans must have gotten him. She ran screaming all the way.

The End

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