Among BrothersMature

He listened to the noise, the homely atmosphere around and the look of relief on most of the exhausted faces around.  Every brother and sister seemed to be happy, they had survived the encounter with little more than a scratch which was a miracle compared to loses they always suffered in every reunion with Rikon.  They had a right to enjoy the moment which would last for more few months before the docked on the shores of Rikon again.

For these dredens the fighting had become a ritual since their number was small, the people of Maragan had developed the perseverance which could be attributed to desperation.  So these men and women dedicated their life to protecting the city of Kolmat the only fortified city in Maragan. He received the straw being moved around the circle as his turn came and tasted the brew only a Maragan could enjoy, relaxing his thoughts.

He could share with them but not rejoice. He felt sadness; none of these people had known Ferol personally. But he would not deny them this little celebration; however he soon had a friend to mourn.

Maybe Ferol was still a life; but no, the noble had said he was killed, which was better being dead or being in the hands of…he shouldn't be thinking about that right now.

Instead he should be sharing with his family for it was always expected among a circle of brothers and sisters, most of those around this small circle were Dredens, there was hardly an Harvester in the circle most of them seemed to have abandoned the old ways, feeling it was for those of low status.

 He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned before laughter burst out from those in the circle.

"Brother, the apothecary asks for you" The young lady kneeling in front of him whispere

"Where is he?"He inquired while turning from the circle.

"He is outside….excuse me brother" With that stood up and left carrying with her a small jug of hot water to add in the brew.

Juol passed his straw to the next brother in the circle and moved around the many circles until he finally was at the door way. 

"The winds favor you Harvester" the young man outside said while bowing his head.

“The winds favor us all" he replied.

"Harvester, the cripple you brought…" the man began

"You mean... " Juol countered, looking at the man, his eyes studied the man then moved to all over his body"….the boy" he added skipping any titles since it was obvious this one was not even a Dreden.

"Yes Harvester the boy. Dreden Ailim asked to be excused for disturbing you. But she asks for your presence. “The man fidgeted even further as he gestured towards the area the injured were kept.

"Harvester Juol, the man I seem to never get hold of." A voice said from behind him.

Juol didn't have to look to guess who it belonged to.

He slowly turned and looked at the man behind the voice

"Harvester Juol, winds favor you"


"It's now Dreden Tuke, Harvester" Tuke said as he bowed his head, but one could see that he had intentionally stretched out his right arm for Juol with a bracemid.

"My apologies Dreden," The man beam up on the title, finally Lord Harvester Oswald had rewarded his faithful servant."But I have other matters to attend to, other than speak of titles, may the winds favour you." With that he turned.

"How I too wish that was the case Harvester. However the summons I have for you are from the Lord Harvester Oswald."

The young apothecary snapped into attention.

"Then let me prepare for the journey."

"I am afraid not Harvester, all you need for the journey is already prepared, the Lord Harvester needed you last son's reign."

 Damn this man, he had to first see Dreden Ailim.

"Everyone needs to reach Kolmat safely and I have to see to that" he said while moving towards the opposite direction.

“And by the way…" Tuke paused taking advantage of his current position "...  I happen to meet Dreden Jucub, he seems capable of doing just that." Tuke replied.

When Juol continued moving, he heard Tuke clear his throat.

"You don't want him waiting." Tuke called out.

 Juol turned to the apothecary. "Let Dreden Ailim reach me in Kolmat"

"Yes Harvester, I will inform her" The man's eyes were darting to any exit route. Young men.

The apothecary turned and fled.  Who would blame him, no one wanted to get on the wrong side of the Lord Harvester.

Tuke gestured for him to lead." After you my Harvester"

The End

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