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 He heard voices, but could not grasp what they were saying, he felt something wet being moved around his body, he tried to open his eyes but it felt like he was forcing them into existence where they had never been, he felt a numbness which was comforting compared to seeing the man with a gentle looking face. The voices continued to whisper, it was unusual, for the man always addressed him, had he brought someone else, maybe.

He strained to open his eyes, did he even have them, he had no idea but open them he had to, after a few minutes he felt an awareness, masses of energy moving about when he tuned further at the one closest all he felt was how energy was distributed perfectly for every motion being carried out. Concentration of energy around person’s arms as he stretched it towards him, this one was the one touching him with something wet, he tried to move back but he couldn’t, there was life to the mass of energy that kept touching him, yes it was life force.

The person leaned closer to him and spoke, he felt energy around the man’s neck and jaws, then his hands as he got something, he felt the wetness as the person touched him again, he studied the life force in coordination, where it moved when the man spoke, how it was distributed all over his body, but what caught his interest was a pulse at the centre of the life force that enabled the person to do what he did, what was that pulse? Instantaneously he had a hunger for it; then he called it. He felt other forces around the person move towards him but he distilled all until his link with the pulse was secure, he felt it move, there was a resistance but he called it louder, he felt a destabilization, as the pulse was disengaging from the life force, he noticed the person fall to the floor, he felt a vibration of energy as some shouted in the room, it was the other life force producing it, the other person in the room. He felt its energy rates increase as the person quickly moved away from him.

When the pulse he was calling almost freed its self from the rest of the life force, another person joined them, there was something different about the new life force in this room, the pulse was larger, it had fierceness about it, his attention shifted to it and he called it. He felt the person with a fierce life force do something. Suddenly his felt pain shoot up his head, and he saw darkness crawling in with it fled the hunger.   

The End

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