How far can a cripple go to change the course of history? In a world where men with power have risen to status of gods and others are worshipped as gods. This is his story and we shall call him Te'nox


It is said an eruption took place in the Dreden hills on the island of Maragan while it was adrift in the seas, for no one truly knows what changed the people of Maragan, a shifting island in the world of Gath. So when it moved back to the other continents the local population of the island who call themselves Maragans seemed to be recovering from a disaster other three continents knew little about. Unfortunately for them they had drifted to the continent of Rikon for which they had signed an agreement of service as long as they were with its territories, and stay they did, for months then years. Whereas this was a blessing for the Rikons it was a curse to the Maragans who were used to being adrift in the seas, and this is how it all began.

Because of their physical difference from other nations Maragans where known as the short class because of their low height and were called drifters since they never stayed in one place for so long, they formed temporal agreements with the nation whose territory they happened to occupy. These agreements did vary depending on the nations. Some Maragans ended up staying in these nations and inter- marrying but were of the lowest social class.

After years of being out in the seas, they returned changed people. Those who survived their journey in the outer seas where transformed, little is known of this except that it began in a place known as Dreden, hence came the word for those humans with the ability to harness energy.
The first Maragans to display these changes where all from a family known as Karak. Out of a family of six, three were known to survive. Most of the population had been affected but only these three showed immediate signs of what had really transpired on their voyage. The three were called;Karak, Rakan and Gull.
It is one of these three that discovered the creation of pymid keys the stones that changed the world of Gath.

Since Maragan people was subject to the rulers of Rikon for the time they were in their territory, the king of Rikon took personal interested in the Karaks. The three Karaks where taken to Rikon, when the ruler of Rikon was pleased by what they were capable of he decided to gather most Maragans with this particular attribute, and confine them on an island to offer "services " per the agreement their fore father had signed. The art of harnessing energy became popular and Rikon took full advantage of this. During this period the study of harnessing energy improved and more discoveries followed. This is when the known leaders of Dredens asked for a strategic location for their art to be advanced, a place where they could easily create stronger pymid keys. An academy was then established in Yolan which later came to be known as the Academy Harvest, for this was a strategic location, known for heavy storms and highest cases of lightening.

It was also found that even the Maragan population that had earlier migrated to the continent of Rikon was having Dreden children once they coupled with the original Maragans who had gotten back from the seas. This led to a period where the most of the Dreden population was bred.
The ruler of Rikon asked for one of the Karaks to be a Dreden representive at the palace, offering insight about Dredens and he chooses Rakan.
However things take a different turn when the king and Rakan get closer. After the death of his first wife the king also asks for a hand of the Rakan, sister to the other Karaks, for this was the first crack to the relationship between the Dredens and nobles in Rikon. The three reached a dowry, the region of Maragan granted total autonomy, however the king wanted a lord of Rikon to be chosen from the population of Rikon. Which brought in disagreements since the Maragans knew he would pick his son whom he was grooming for leadership. So a compromise was reached that the region of Maragan would be ruled by a child brought out of the union between the king and the sister of the two powerful Dredens of the Academy Harvest, since by this time it was believed that the island of Maragan would never leave therefore it had to officially be considered as part of Rikon.

Far away from the capital of Rikon a bubble was growing in the small island of Yolan now simply known as Harvest. And the tension was obvious among most of the ruling class in Yolan since Dredens of Maragan origin where usually too powerful and also had sway among their own people. Because of their abilities Dredens started working for the nobles and rich in Rikon as "protectors" instead of their earlier role as servants. The power wielded by the head of Harvest was so strong that it was making most nobles uncomfortable even in Rikon.
As fate would have it, the king of Rikon died. This made the Dredens consolidate their power and by this time they were more revered than any of the lords in the small island.
With his death the late king had left behind a queen of Maragan origin, a child out of their union who like in most unions between a Dreden and one not of Maragan origin was born a non-Dreden and a heir from his earlier marriage who was a true Rikon and most of the population was looking to as their savior from shifting balance of power between the nobles and the once short class.

On ascending to the throne, the heir decides to revoke autonomy to Maragan given by his predecessor.
The head of Harvest remains silent; this was interpreted as obedience to the new ruler of Rikon whom they were directly answerable to.
The head harvesters seemed to be waiting for something to happen before they made a move, however it never did. So when they could no longer wait, Harvest struck. In the conflict that followed the queen and those loyal to her fled for the island of Maragan.

When Harvest had taken over the throne of Rikon, the old system was revised all Dredens where to be considered nobles by right and all non-Dredens where a class below for this became the first rule of Harvest- nobles first.

Whispers that had been secretly circulating on the small island of Harvest reached Rikon as a song. And as it was sang tears flowed and the song got carried by the wails of those fleeing, its sounds leaping like a fire thirsty to consume, for it was only six lines or as some critics later preferred to call the five lines of nothing.

Seasons to Harvest all else is nothing

Harvest to Dredens all else is nothing

Dredens to Harvest all else is nothing

Dredens to Dredens all else is nothing

Dredens to nobles all else is nothing

Season to seasons all is for Dredens

Thus began the rule of Harvest for it moved faster than a plague. In the next year the kingdom of Portol came under the six lines of Harvest that same year Rostou stood no chance. Only due to Harvest's consolidation of its concurred territories made Eshkol take two years to hear the six lines of blood as it was known by then. Yet all this began as a whisper to the right ear in Harvest. Only Maragan stood its ground for all this time for they claimed to have a better song called drifting and the winds favoured Maragan. After fifteen years of being grounded in one territory they drifted for the first time and with them was a queen. The four kingdoms in the continent of Rikon came under one leadership simply known as Line of Harvesters, while the continent of Rikon was under the grip of two Karak brothers, their homeland of Maragan drifted in seas ruled by the their sister Rakan and these two have been at war since.

The End

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