Chapter 2

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I hate this class. 

I hate school.

I would much rather be sitting in my bed reading my cheesy romance books than sitting here in class ; and with Mr. Bryant no less. He's so weird! 

I pulled out my journal and started writing: 

Dear Journal,

Today is my birthday. How many "happy birthdays!" have I gotten? Oh, about 2; and that was from my parents this morning. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so shy. I could be like that one popular girl in school ... Aidan ... I think that's her name. She's extremely outgoing and probably the nicest person on the planet. She didn't used to be, however. Two years ago she was like the walking devil or something. I heard that she was grounded for 9 months because she had sex with her teacher's husband. They didn't want to make a big deal about it and take it to court because her mom didn't think it was worth it. Aidan's teacher and her husband were having a lot of trouble before all of the promiscuous shenanigans happened. They're divorced now.

Honestly, I think this town is full of scandals. But for some reason, they all turn around and become these amazing people that are so nice and "perfect". Like Aidan. I don't know what happened with her but she has changed completely.

And I just now realized something ... Aidan had sex with Mrs. Mckenzie (she teaches at that high school in Bayford about 3 hours away) ex husband and was grounded for 9 months or so. 9 MONTHS ... 

She must of had a bay-

"Helena." I quickly closed my journal shut and looked up to see everyone starting at me. 

"Yes?" I put my journal back into my backpack and sat up straight, my cheeks slowly turning red.

"You must have been engrossed in whatever it is that you were writing about," Mr. Bryant looked serious but everyone else giggled "now would you please answer my question?" 

"I'm sorry, what question?" 

"What is an example of someone who is ignorant?" Mr. Bryant crossed his arms and pushed up his glasses. 

"Well, today is my birthday and nobody knew until now. So I guess that makes all of you ignorant." I didn't mean to come off so rude, but I was tired of people giving me such weird looks, like I was some sort of non-human creature. I've never felt so visible. I got up and left the class. 


The End

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