The Most Confusing Part.1

You wake's up... You just had the strangest dream...

It was about flying and visiting different planets, and You's pet koala bear was there...

Except, he was wearing some kind of hat... and his name was Sir Huggles or something...

Oh well...


You get's out of bed and get's dressed,

You's pet koala- whose real name is "Stay" -is still sleeping on the end of the mattress

And as if this could possibly make any less sense,

a crow flies directly through You's bedroom window and right into You's head.

Knocking You out cold.

You's Bedroom:

"Wake up You..."

You sit's up, groggily

"Hm?.. Stay?.. you can talk?" You mumbles through yawns

"I always have.." Stay say's, clearly annoyed

"Oh yeah... heheh... well... what do you want then?" You say's, beginning to wake up a bit

"You got hit with an actual mother friggin' crow and screamed like a girl before you hit the ground..." Stay say's, looking at You with a mischievous grin.

"Holy dang Stay, I remember now... that flippin' crow smoked me!... wait, why're you smiling like that Stay?" You ask's

"You ask a lot of questions you, it's not very charismatic..." Stay continues to grin "Makes you seem like kind of a- uhh.. like a second-rate character" Stay manages to say as he burst's out laughing.

"What the froth is that supposed to mean Stay? ...Rude... I remember saving your hairy butt when you were just a tiny hairless freak inside an egg! So don't start with me Stay!" You fire's back

"Bear's don't lay eggs!! hahaha! that crow must've hit you some hard You!" Stay say's through bouts of laughter.

"Yeah whatever Stay, let's go eat breakfast and get out of here, we have stuff to do today" You say's, defeated.

"Yeah okay, we better eat on the way though, we're late already." Stay replies.


The End

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