a landscape or scene with the strangeness or mystery characteristic of dreams
(First 2 pages: Mostly stuff I've dreamed, Different things I remember, trying to work it into some kind of story I guess.. 3rd page and on: I have no idea :p )

Picture this:

You're sitting on a little blue planet doing your taxes...

The only life-form's in sight are jagged plants and tiny bear's...

Suddenly the little planet's spinning off it's axis...

You grab hold of a timid koala and try to keep your balance...

Then for some reason you decide to jump...

and you take off like a missile launching...

just as swift you land,

on another planet,

filled with carbonated lakes and #2 pencil trees...

you see animals in the distance ,

so you lift both feet off the ground

and float over quickly,

all the while clutching the tiny koala bear

Whom you've decided to name Señor Huggles

due to his golden sombrero,

When you arrive to the place where the animals were

Señor Huggles yells at the sky

And his eyes turn into cups of milk

You wonder why, 

But quickly realize that the sun in this planet's sky is black

That must be the cause...

but before you can be one hundred percent sure,

millions of coriander scented chameleons burst out of the ground

This can't be right,

you think out loud,

Then Señor Huggles turned into a cloud of juice-boxes

And the chameleons retreated in utter displeasure

Señor Huggles tells you to go to sleep,

And you do.


(Chapter 1 of the new epic saga of The Dream You & Señor Huggles the Gold Sombrero toting tiny koala bear)


The End

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