dreams unfulfilled

Smoking my cigarettes and drinking my coffee since 3.30 in the morning, looking at the skies trying to know the meaning of all this.

Beyond the freezing boundaries that engulfed a heart she once claimed there were gardens of passion that she meant to stroll through and rivers of desires for her to sail along and books of love she found hard to read.

I concealed my strong amorous feelings for her,returned a recluse and withdrew to my den to lick my wounds.

My extravagant fondness of her I cannot suppress and my thinking of her I cannot stop.

How can one run from one's shadow?How can one stop thinking about one's self and how can one stop dreaming when one goes to bed?

I dont know....but can a broken heart be mended and can a dry leaf be planted or can a fallen angel fly back to the skies again?

Thoughts that run through a mind that is wading through a swamp of impediments.Desires that can no longer be fulfilled.thirst that can longer be quenched and hopes that are all shattered.

But I close my eyes and can only see her face, I spread my arms to embrace her just to feel that  wedge she planted between us.So far and near she is , so close but still so distant.

Where is that stranger I met once?Why cant I see that innocence anymore?Where has that simplicity gone and what has tarnished that purity?

I crawl back into my bed, lay my head on the pillow,close my eyes,save those sweet memories and dream that face again.

The End

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