Dreams that FadeMature

As the dream faded, she chased it hoping that she would be able to hold onto the little bit of perfect she dreamt of before it was time to wake up to the harsh realities of her life. The water didn’t run, the heat was, never there, and her mother was probably passed out down the street due to the shock of her latest druggie-asshole-rapist boyfriend breaking up with her. The girl, who would be a sophmore in highschool, sat up in her bed wishing that she could exchange her dream for where she was now. She observed her surroundings as she did every morning, her brothers crib still against the opposite wall, the lights still didn’t have electricity, and her mother’s bed was.. empty. Just as she had expected it to be. She stepped out from the one room that she had no choice but to call her home and ran her fingers along the tattered wallpaper in the hallway of the abandoned hotel. She imagined what the place must have looked like when it was still in business. Most likely opposite of what it showed now. The carpets weren’t caked with mice poop, the lights had bulbs that glowed, there was laughter that filled the building from all the innocence. An opposite of where she was now indeed. Staying in the beautiful images of the once running hotel the girl danced down the hall pretending that whoever she was now, she wasn’t. That the boy in the crib across the wall wasn’t her responsibility. That she didn’t have to track down her close-to-overdosing mother every morning. That she wasn’t wearing the same clothes as the day before, and the many days before that. She pretended she wasn’t herself and she loved it.

The End

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