A little backstory

Obscure, repetitive dreams get interrupted by something more obscure

I had some pretty weird dreams. I remember when they first started too, i was around 6 years old. I remember my friends telling me about the dreams they had, saving their parents from zombies, soaring through the sky like they belonged in it, going through space in search of aliens, and fighting along their favorite superheroes like Spiderman or Hulk. I remember crying and throwing tantrums because my parents wouldn't tell me how to have adventures like that. At first i thought they didn't like me since they forced me to do chores and scolded me for the occasional C on a spelling test, but after they wouldn't reveal the secrets of dreaming, i thought they vilified me. It was all pretty childish, i can't help but smile and feel bad for my parents for putting up with my behavior. About a week later i did dream, but it was different from what my friends would describe. My dreams would consist of me doing a repetitive task for the entire duration. I would be cast in this almost purgatory, where my task would differ each night. I would be forced to vacuum the same room, forced to row the same boat while going nowhere, forced to take penny donations at a stand, it was all very strange. I wondered why i didn't just leave the station i worked at, but each night i always seemed to forget i had this choice. It was almost like freedom of will was never a concept to me. I never considered it a nightmare, it all seemed very normal when i was doing it. I always felt cheated afterwards, a sort of violation someone feels when they realized they were tricked to overpay for a mediocre product. I felt so disappointed every morning, i felt so wronged. I remember my favorite NES game, Megaman 3, broke one day. I remember feeling nothing. It was almost as if i had known for a long time it would break, and i had come to terms with it a while ago. I just simply put the cartridge down and asked my dad for a new one. He seemed confused by my behavior, he realized for a while that when anything of mine broke, everyone was the culprit. I remember waiting for myself to cry, and being confused when the tears never came.

The End

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