I casually leaned against the lockers at my high school. I was waiting for him to come, just waiting. By 'him', I meant by ex best friend's boyfriend, and my love. At the thought of my ex best friend, Allison, I scowled. She and I used to be the best of friends, until Andrew came around. After that, it all went downhill. We had started fighting about him, and the day Andrew and Allison had gotten together... Well, it wasn’t pretty. I had felt pure hatred towards Allison, and that hatred hasn't dulled down whatsoever over time; it had gotten worse, actually.

Finally, I spotted him walking down the hall in his black jeans and untied skater shoes. He had a black t-shirt with deep blue stripes along with a sports jacket that matched the color of the blue stripes of his t-shirt. Smiling, I looked into his bright, welcoming green eyes and then admired his spiked up, dark brown hair. He was every girl’s dream, especially with him being quarter back on the football team. I sighed, knowing how unlikely it was for him to be my boyfriend one day.


              5th period had come. Finally, it’s lunch time. 'I’ll get to talk, or rather, flirt with Andrew.' I thought excitedly. As I stood in line, I began to plan out what I would say. Leaning to the side, I looked over to what was on the counter. I groaned at the sight. It seemed the other students were just as unhappy to see it as I was. “Not fish munchies!” I whispered to twin, Nick. He thought for a moment, his hazel eyes narrowed. “Why don’t we go and get a salad instead?” Nick whispered back to me. I nodded and headed over to the salad line, which was even longer then the fish munchies line. We’ll be here forever, I thought, rolling my eyes.

              After a long wait for our lunches, Nick and I headed towards the table Andrew was at. Spotting Allison at his side, I turned around quickly, shooting an annoyed glare over my shoulder to Allison. Suddenly I collided with Luke, Allison’s creepy little brother. I scrambled up from the ground, and sighed at the sight of myself. Lasagna was stuck to my Hollister shirt, and his milk was all over my designer boots. “You better pay for this, you little creep!” I yelled at him. Not caring that he was still on the ground, I stormed away from the mess, thinking that Nick was following me.

The End

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