Traveling of the time (Time Travel)


Once again, I sat in my bedroom, in the same place, staring at the same wall, worrying about the same things; my future. Suddenly, lightning struck nearby, and the house shook with the sound of nearby thunder. I gulped, fear making my face extremely pale. Never had I heard, or felt, a storm like that. Suddenly, as the next strike of lightning struck the sky, blackness hit me.

              I awoke in a strange house with strange surroundings. As far as I could see through my window was a wintery wonderland. Snow covered the ground, sparkling radiantly while icicles hung from the edge of the roof. Feeling confused, and cold, I got out of the bed and looked into the mirror hanging on the wall. I gasped at the sight. What in the world?! I look like I’m 20!  (I later found out I was only 16.) Is that even me?! , I wondered, staring at the thin, willowy frame, with flowing, golden hair going down my back. Shock reflected in my bright blue eyes as I continued staring at the image of myself. How in the world did this happen?

              I nearly jumped as someone knocked on the door. Standing in the middle of a hallway, I wondered which way to go. I could hear my younger brother Luke’s video games blasting from behind the closed door of his room. As I listened more closely to the knocking, I headed right, to a long staircase. Leaping onto the railing, I slid down to the bottom and walked to the door. Opening it, I looked stunned to see an older version of my friend Andrew. “Uh, hi Drew." I said, sounding even more confused than before. “Allison, don’t you remember? I told you that I’d pick you up for our date at this time when we talked on the phone yesterday.” He said, looking just as confused as I felt.  'Drew is my boyfriend?! What’s happening to me? Where am I? How did I get so old?' All these questions floated through my head as I stood there staring at him.

              After a few minutes, the shock dulled down. “Um, let me get around. I forgot about the date. Sorry. You can come in and watch something on the TV while I’m getting ready.” I say, hoping TV’s still existed. He nodded and slipped past me, heading towards a room with a large, brown, leather couch and a mega flat screen TV in it. Shrugging, I headed back to the first room I had been in so I could get around for the date.


              I slumped down, onto the leather couch next to my mom, exhausted from my date with Drew. He had decided to take me to the bike trail, where we walked the entire 6 mile trail, and then he took me a nice Chinese restaurant for lunch. I do have to say, though. I had a lot of fun there. Then it hit me. I don’t have any worries of the future anymore!


The End

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