I hate doing summaries, so sit back and enjoy the story already, eh?


I sat in my bedroom, worrying about my future again. This had turned into a daily routine for me. It was a constant nightmare, a burden to my mind. Hours and hours went by each day, as I stared at the same wall, thinking, worrying, and deciding. Would I live to fulfill all my goals? Oh, how badly I wanted to be a paleontologist. Is this what God wants me to do? That was another constant question I had, and it seemed it would never be answered. Where would I live? Who would be my friends? All these questions and many more, floated through my mind.

                    These worries distracted me from school work, I have C's in all my courses now, and secluded me from my friends. Every once in awhile I’d snap out of my worrying and realize I basically lived in my own world, but it never lasted. I would always go right back to the worrying.

                  My secluded world was constantly worrying my parents, and they often tried to get me friends. I never even noticed that I was alone, let alone want someone to talk to. I used to have friends, but ever since the worry of the future had struck me... I just felt the need to be alone. And here I am, certainly alone, but yet, still not happy. I bet if I knew my future, I’d be a lot happier... A lot less of a loner.

                   Little did I know, that wish could’ve been considered a curse, a horrible curse that would strike down on my world and tear it to pieces. 

The End

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