Around the World in 80 Years

I can feel this being the next chapter of the beginning of my life...I did my research in school that day for what felt like 300 years, but unfortunately got little answers. Logging out of my computer, I thought to myself maybe I'm looking too hard, not thinking enough...I need to think outside the box... I heaved my backpack from underneath the table and escaped into the corridors. Walking through the hallways, I finally found Locker #192; mine! I entered my locker PIN and pulled out my Physics and Biology workbooks, jamming them into my backpack. A huge book suddenly fell from nowhere and landed on my foot, before flying across the other side of the hallway. I quickly pushed my locker door shut and turned round to see Allie, picking this book up off of the floor and walking over to me after slamming her locker shut.

"How're you feeling, Henley?" she held her hand out, this strange book in her palms. "I take it you didn't go home earlier then-?"

"That's not mine..."

"Huh?" she looked at the book and opened it down the middle. She looked at me, then down at the book and back at me again. "...But it fell out of your locker, I saw it..."

"I've never seen it in my life, Allie. It was probably on the top of all the lockers, but it definately does not belong to me..."

"Well, either way, it may be of some use to you. After all, let's face it - Geography was never your speciality at Oakland High School now, was it?"

She dropped the book into my open rucksack and walked off down the corridor. Geography?  With no time to waste, I scurried down the stairs and came out of college to find Allie in the college grounds; she was talking to a tall guy with jet black hair and when she suddenly saw me heading past her, she turned round and I saw who she was chatting to.

Oh no...

"Henley! Wait up, I thought you said 3:20? It's like 4:00, dude!" the male voice shouted to me as I walked past. Casper. Allie had strolled off down the path, ready to make her way home to escape the National Weirdo...

"Sorry, Casper. I'm just a little tired that's all; I guess I just wanna get home-"

"Look, Henley, I just saw Allie,"

Awww, man...

"She said you had this 'funny turn' in Bio today-" Casper had this serious tone in his voice, which was unusual for my best friend. It took me a while to realise that since we met some years ago, he'd always twitch his nose and look down at his shoes when he's kept in the dark about certain things.

"'Funny turn'? Oh, man, Casper, it was nothing. Allie exaggerates things sometimes, she just skips to conclusions. I just felt unwell, that's all. Like I said, I just wanna go home,"

I don't know quite why I did it but I pushed straight past him and made my own way home...What did Allie know? She knew nothing about me! Why was she making up silly stories to my best friend? Acting like a suck-up to me or something...God, she annoyed me sometimes!

I turned my key in the door when I eventually got home and threw my coat aside. Judging by the loud noise I made when I slammed the front door shut, no one was in the house tonight. I walked slowly into the kitchen and shoved one of the tins of beans into the cooker, ready for 'dinner'. Just as I was ready to pour myself a comfort drink, I heard someone charging down the stairs at 70 miles an hour and a familiar face ran into the kitchen, giggling half to death. I turned around to see a short girl with platinum blonde hair and a great ginger streak running through her bangs. She wore this hideously oversized tee-shirt over leggings and looked as if she were ready to run the State of Washington Marathon. Finally, her laughing came to an abrupt halt.

"Oh...hi," she mumbled, when she saw me staring at her. Melanie, my sister's lunatic-of-a-friend, was eyeing me up standing next to the cooker; my beans probably at boiling point by now. I'll bet you anything she was thinking I looked like a right wreck today...

"Hey Melanie - is Leonii in Mom's room again?" I grabbed my hot beans out of the cooker, very nearly dropping them onto Mom's linoleum flooring and threw them onto the dining table.

"Um..." Melanie was one of my sister's friends and she always acted like I was the runt of the litter. I guess you could say that I actually was. I suddenly heard my sister thumping down the staircase, 3 steps at a time.

"Geez, Henley - did you want your beans baked, or sunburnt?" my annoying sibling-of-a-sister called, throwing me one of her everyday dirty looks.

"Oh ha ha-" a false laugh was all I needed to make my escape up to my room with my ready-meal dinner. I pulled my rucksack upstairs and took out all of my books to review what I'd missed in my Bio lesson. Physics book...Biology work folder...Forensics review text. I pulled out the book that Allie had given to me earlier and read the title after blowing 3 inches of dust from it "Around The World in 80 Minutes"

It's like Allie had said, "Geography"...

The End

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