Princess of the Moon

She strode in front of me, blocking my views of the sea down below. It was at this stage that my eyes had eventually started to focus onto this woman, and for the first time ever, I could see her clearly. I had never seen such a woman, so peculiar, before in my life.

Her hair was a silvery-blue shade, and the way it danced in the wind had me enchanted. Her skin a ghostly white, yet it somehow looked luminous against her strange clothing. Her outfit merely an ancient sort, nothing like what people wore in my city, in this day and age. She wore dark green boots, which had no heel and came upto her knees. Her short skirt was loosely-fitted and a deep brown shade, but she had healthy-looking legs which suited the skirt very well. Her chest was apparent through her green top, which only had one sleeve. It was a drawstring-type corset from the back, done up far too tight and made her appear much more tougher than I'd thought. There were, however, certain things that caught my eye. She wore black open-fingered gloves which just about covered her wrists, her fingers painted a delicate blue to match her wavering hair.

"Who are you?" I fought up the courage to say quietly, looking down her arms. I noticed that she had some weird markings, not quite tattoos - that bore right down into the skin. Strange symbols that I couldn't figure out - could it be a clue as to where she might've come from? She turned a little, looking at the fresh grass that we stood upon. She glanced into my eyes, worryingly, as if she was searching for something.

"Luna," She placed a hand elegantly under my chin and tilted my head upwards to look at her. "My name, Luna." I couldn't think of anything to say to her, there were so many thoughts rushing through my head, they were all pushing to come out first. "This marsh, here...I've been having dreams about it. The visions won't go away."

I looked down from her face and noticed the necklace dangling from her neck. It just rested slightly on the top of her chest, and it's pendant was a crescent and I knew at once that it most likely meant more than it looked. And at that point, I regret looking away. I walked away from her, looking at the marshlands that ran down at the back of the hills. It skulked down into a dark-looking forest and I didn't want to find out what was there. But when I turned back to look at her, to ask, I'd been too late. The wisps of smoke were moving more quickly than usual. She'd been and gone. Vanished yet again. And yet again, the real world came rushing back to me,

"Henley, geez Henley - Magda, did you go to the Main Office?" I could barely head Allie's frantic voice coming back to me. And I opened my eyes to see Mr Bennett (my biology teacher), Dorky Dave and Allie all staring down at me. Allie's brown curtain of hair was brushing my face and making me cough. "Oh, thank God!" Mr Bennett pulled me up a little, so I was sitting up on the stone cold floor of the classroom. Half of the rest of the class were also standing behind Allie, looking at me strangely.

"Come on up, Mr Drake. Let's get you to the Nurse's Office." Mr Bennett was saying, heaving me up by my shoulder. Allie had rushed back to our desk to grab my coat, my torn, rugged bag slung over her arm. She handed them kindly to me as I turned to the teacher.

"Mr Bennett, sir, I'm fine. Trust me, I think it was just a dizzy spell, honest."

"Even so, Mr Drake, you've been out for three quarters of a hour, you've missed more than half of the lesson. I think you should get checked out, just to be on the safe side."

"Sir, I'm OK, really. I just want to continue with the lesson, please." I insisted, dropping my bag and coat. I went and sat back in my seat, glancing around the room. Yet, there was no sign of her. The woman; Luna. Biology seemed to last about a year, I felt so tired and restless after the lesson finally came to end. I quickly ran through the corridors until I got to this room. The one with all the computers, only for student's studying use only. I'm sure they'd understand if I sneak in and get caught, I thought to myself - this is an important matter! I sat down quickly at one of the computers and typed in my log-in details.

Email address:

Username: H-Drake.F6

I sat hesitantly, waiting impatiently for the computer to load up and when it eventually did, I clicked quickly onto the Internet icon. When it eventually loaded, I typed into the address bar. Thinking longingly about what to look up first, I decided on the most basic question. Lopis Marsh. I must admit, there weren't a lot of results - a lot were about Hotels and sight-seeing and random american junk. But there was one link that caught my eye - the website was described as being fascinated with historical events and long-ago myths. It said something about Urban Legends and the Lopis Marsh, so I decided to quickly check it out. After clicking onto it, a strange webpage popped up. It looked ancient itself, all confusing with no pictures. Just paragraph after paragraph of boring writing. I scanned the page furiously, although scared of missing out essential pieces of information. And then a section had caught my eye and as I read it quietly to myself, everything seemed to come together.

As the old story tells, the Lopis Marsh was once a village populated with very few people. There, the sun always shone, the sea was always welcoming and the marshlands were more or less, a river back in those days. Next to the Twilight Woods; apparently known to be a place of great mystery and curiosity. The Lopis Marsh had it's own race of people who lived there, never a King nor Queen, although there was one known Goddess known as the Princess of the Moon, although there is no actual fact that they had existed. For many years, people have questioned the history behind Lopis Marsh, and have even gone as far as to look for it - but no real evidence has been proven that the Lopis Marsh has ever existed.

I looked a little farther down the page and looked at the few pictures that were there, noticing the captions under each one. There was a picture of a drawing that someone had made. The caption underneath said that the person claimed to have seen the Lopis Marsh and had drew out what it had looked like. I also noticed a sentence about this "Princess".

The Princess of the Moon was no Queen, Princess or Heir, but rumour has it that she was the only tribeswoman with special and strange abilities.

Thinking back, I thought about Luna, and what she looked like in my dream. Her ancient clothing, the tribal markings on her arms. I hesitated while typing "Luna" into the Yahoo search engine and nearly fell off my seat. She couldn't was hard to imagine, and it was actually me that had met her. I felt slightly shocked, and shortly logged out of the computer after staring at the first search result that had popped up onto the screen.

Did you mean Luna, Princess of the Moon?

The End

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