The Lopis Marsh

As if the start of the day wasn't weird enough, it was just about to get a whole lot stranger...After recieving some confusing glances from Casper as we rushed to college, I finally started to settle down and relax a little. Our college was nothing special, just Capton University College of the Arts, although if you crossed through the main building and over the green, you'd get to another block where my lessons were held.

It's funny though - as a child, I'd wanted to be a lawyer, strangely enough. Not your typical everyday childhood ambition, I'll say - and at that time, Casper was going through his "policeman" phase. Ha, he'd make a good one, I'll say that. But as time went on, I'd changed my mind and decided I'd actually like to be a forensic scientist. So here I was, on a random day at college with Casper, after a very weird morning.

"So, dude, I'mma see you later yeah?" Casper turned to me and patted my shoulder. I loved my best friend so much; like a brother, although I already had one. Casper, unlike my brother, was anything but perfect. My brother would do all that he could to keep himself in my mom's good books. The one thing I did not like about my best friend though, was his lack of understanding. He never let me sleep over at his house anymore, because of me waking him up halfway through the night. My average sleeping routine now consisted of sitting up straight in my bed, breathing heavily, talking to "myself" and coughing and spluttering (with the occasional breaking-out-in-sweats). Not only that, it was bad enough always waking my mom, Liam and Leonii, I didn't want to trouble my best friend too. I looked at Casper for what seemed like 2 hours, longing for him to understand what I'd been going through. Then I patted him on the back, smiling.

"See you, Casper - remember, dude - 3:20, OK?" I yelled over to him as he walked off, waving and giving me a thumbs-up. I walked off sturdily, heaving my heavy bag upon my back and rushed into the double doors into biology; first lesson of the day. I strode into the room and patted the shoulders of my fellow classmates. Dorky Dave glanced up at me and patted me back. He was the biggest nerd in the whole college, but he was cool in many ways. I'd met him about 6 years ago, back before he got all nerdy. Heck, I'll never remember those days again, they seem so much more far away. I took to my seat next to Allie, my lab partner and threw my bag and jacket down onto the floor under my stool. I looked at Allie and said a feeble "hi". She was OK I guess, but so many guys used to hit on her and she'd never appealed to me for some reason. A cute brunette with pale green eyes, mysterious in some ways, she was quite clever even though she'd missed out on her last year of school due to a bad case of Leukemia aged just 17. All of her hair had grown back, a silky sheet of mousey brown, and she'd since had many guys fawning all over her.

"You feeling OK, Henley? Unless you're going through a make-up stage, you're looking pretty pale today." she looked up at me, her eyes full of curiosity.

"I'm fine, Allie. Really. Shall we get started then?" I wanted to forget about what happened earlier on in the morning, and I grabbed a test tube and bunsen burner, and hurriedly put on my apron and goggles. I watched Allie as she did the same and then sat back down on my seat. I suddenly felt the blood rushing to my head and I felt dizzy and sick, drunk and high at the same time.

"Henley?" I felt Allie put her arm round my back. "Henley, what's wrong-"

She tailed off, I could no longer hear what she was saying. All I could see was her cute pouty lips moving briskly, without taking a breath. The whole world around me just blocked out, there and then and I looked around to look at the rest of my classmates and then she was there. The girl from my frequent dreams, sitting in the seat next to Dorky Dave. She was mid-talk, when she stopped and looked up at me, as if she was looking right through me. I'd felt completely invisible, and felt a strong urge to stand up and walk right over to her. As I did, she stood up and jumped right at me. And then my view went blank.

I suddenly found myself back where I always ended up, back in the dream. With the woman standing by my side. The green hills were brighter than ever, and at this time, I'd felt more drunk than ever. I decided right there that this time would be different than the other times I'd had this very same dream - this time, I'd get answers.

"Hello? Excuse me, what are we doing here? Who are you? Please, I need to know." I looked at her, her eyes had that look about them, as she glanced over at the setting sun. I reached out to touch her arm, but she didn't even flinch. Instead she blinked and turned to look at me.

"Where are we?" I repeated, I was starting to get tired of this game, why was this always happening to me?! "Hello? Who are you?"

"Lopis." she whispered without looking me in the eyes, instead she eyed up my clothing, as if I wasn't all there at all.

"Pardon?" I was in a state of shock, maybe it was the fact she'd never spoken before now.

"The Lopis Marsh. This, here. I come here often. It helps me escape reality." I had then realised what she meant. I looked behind me, and noticed that we were near a small marsh. Where we stood was also near a beach, but also high up in some vast green hills; I became confused by this strange location. I looked at her again, and was surprised to see that this time, she'd worked her way up from my outfit to my expressionless face, making it to look in my eyes. I noticed that both of her eyes were a sharp contrasting purple colour, but also that they had a peculiar glow about them. Who was this woman?

The End

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