Waking up in the morning feels like such bliss. I've never been a morning person, but these days I look forward to waking up. Only bad thing about getting up in the morning was the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I once told my mother that someday the State County Fire Brigade will turn up at the house, ready for duty. Honestly, the clock's alarm would be enough to wake up someone who's been in a coma for the past 2 years, it's just that loud. I picked it up and threw it across the room with my free hand, and luckily it stopped when it hit my bedroom closet. I threw the covers off me and looked out of the window, a recap of last night. There were no trees in sight, and the houses opposite ours looked more serene and it seemed that the insane winds had long since died down. All that was in view, was the blue sky. Laced with creamy white clouds, sometimes I wished I didn't have college. I wished that I could just laze around on my bed, looking up at the clouds, making out the shapes of them and how they're formed.

I went over to my closet and picked up my annoying alarm clock, hesitantly. It read 8:00am - I had to be in college for 9:00. After having a terrible night's sleep, I couldn't wait for college. I opened up the doors of the closet and scrambled after some decent clothes. Eventually I'd found a blue Armani tee-shirt and some deep blue jeans with slight tears at the knee. This would have to do - after all, of all people, Casper would be the one who'd understand. I shoved on some black socks and hurriedly tied up the laces of my sports trainers. Glancing up at the clock, it only read 8:10 - this had to be record timing. I threw my sketchpad into my enormous rucksack and flew out of the door. I dashed down the stairs and frantically searched for a decent hooded jacket to wear.

"Hey, hey - don't you want your breakfast?" came a faint shout from inside the kitchen. Mom walked out, wearing her best white work suit, covered by her "AMAZING NO.1 MUM!" apron that I just so happened to buy her for her 39th birthday last year.

"No thanks, Mom - I'm kinda in a rush today. I'm meeting Casper at the Hallmark Centre so we can catch the bus to College."

"OK, tell Casper I said hi...Oh! and I put some money out for you by the porch door. See you later, Henley!" Mum shouted as I dashed into the porch. I grabbed the money and stowed it away in my jeans pocket before running down the drive and onto the pathway. I hastened down the sidewalk, tuning into my MP3 player as I watched out for the large brick building down by the busy street. I looked up at the sky once more and smiled, and then I noticed Casper. My best friend for almost 4 years, he was great. He was standing outside the Centre, waving and rushing his fingers through his jet black spiky hair. Just as I'd came to a traffic light and looking both ways, I suddenly saw her.

Standing in front of the car nearest to me. The woman from my dreams. Her face was still blurry, her clothes so detailed, my eyes were unable to focus. She turned around, facing her back to me and looked up at the sky. The sky which was now blackening, the clouds had vanished and there was bright blue lightning racing through the vastness of the air. The same sky which I had earlier looked at, which had then been blue with calmness, with thick furry clouds which just welcomed me in. If anything, this whole new dark sky wanted to push me away.

"It's coming..." her voice raspy, as if she was trying not to cry.

"What is it...what's coming? Please tell me, I have to know-" I said quickly, walking towards her. And then she vanished again, her body parting into snow, and then blew through the air, until she was no longer in sight. And then the present time came rushing back to me. Sirens wailing, cars beeping their horns and me...about 2 feet in front of an enormous family car, filled to the brim with children had stopped right in front of me. I'd come back down to Earth.

"What the hell, kid?! Take that CD player out of yer ears, and THEN yer might be wary of the traffic around yer! Keep yer eyes on the road, will yer?!" the driver yelled at me, making crude gestures towards me. And that's when Casper had grabbed my arm and tugged me out of the road. I sighed heavily, before looking at him. His deep green eyes bore into mine, his face full of questions - sympathy, and questions.

"Henley," he placed a hand carefully on my shoulder. "What's the excuse gonna be this time, hmmm?"

Just one word was all I needed to say.


The End

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