Dreams of Luna

Henley Drake has been having weird visions for the past few months; he's having them anytime and anywhere, and now his friends and family are starting to notice. Even after being taken to a psychologist, there is no reason to believe there is anything wrong with him. But he has questions that no one can answer - no one except the one woman who is constantly in the same dream over and over again. But who is she? What do these dreams mean? Why him?


The dream had just ended; and I had just woken up. When will the visions end? Non-stop for the past 3 months, looking worryingly at my alarm clock every night in early hours of the morning was starting to worry me. I dangled one arm out of my bed covers and reached out for my phone. I had a missed call, probably from Casper. My best friend was the only one I could tell about these weird dreams. Even when I told him about these dreams, time and time again, he'd have this strange look on his face - whether it was a face of bemusement or obliviousness, I hadn't a clue. I threw my phone back onto the floor and rolled over in my bed, anxiously awaiting the return of sleep. I lay there on my back, with my pillows propped up against the headboard, looking out of the bay window opposite me. The trees were billowing in the heavy winds outside, branches hitting against the glass of the window every so often. The sky was yellowing, still black - but only just. The tops of the houses on the other side of the street just about visible. I shut my eyes, ready to fall asleep - but then it happened again. The Dream.

I was always standing atop a green hill, overlooking some sort of ocean. I knew this dream like the back of my hand by now. I'd look over the edge of the hill at the seashore down below, wondering where I could possibly be. And then a female voice would whisper quietly from by my side.

"Not long now...only just." I knew this voice over and over again. I'd always use the same reply, although I'd also never get a straight answer.

"Not long...? Until what...? What's going on? Where am I and why am I here?"

"It ends now." she replied, so feeble, that I had to stand a little nearer to her to hear her words. These were always the last words she'd say.

And then the woman would vanish. This strange woman just disappeared. Even though my views of the ocean and of the green hills were as clear as day, it was as if my eyes couldn't focus clearly on this woman - I could never make out what she really, truly looked like. Then, before I knew it, she was gone. The wind took her with it and she flew across the sunlit sky in half a second, soaring like smoke through the air. And that was always when I'd wake up, right after that moment.

I was still staring out of my bedroom window, listening carefully to the howling wind - wondering where she was. If she was here. If she was somehow watching me from somewhere else. Wondering...why it was always me. And then without fail, I blinked and somehow fell into a sort-of trance. I could hear the wind calming down as soon as my eyes were shut, the trees came to a halt at the window and the sky starting to get brighter and brighter until I finally drifted off into a deep sleep.

The End

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