Chapter 15: Clearly Not A Horse

After a whole day of trooping through the unyielding trees, we settled down in the roots of a huge oak tree. It created a little circle around us in which we sat comfortably. The tree kept the wind of our backs and Adrian built a little fire. I looked up through the umbrella like branches of the oak to spot the red and orange hues the sun creates when nestling into the west.

I sighed. What would my parents be doing? Examining my body? Shaking me to wake me up? Calling a doctor? I shook my head sadly as I contemplated the grim possibilities. Stretching my legs in front of me, I opened the little leather bag. It was brimming with little coins and a few packages of food. I pulled one out and unwrapped the cloth it was so carefully wrapped in. 

Some bread, a skin of water, and cheese fell into my lap. Enough for both of us. I thought wryly. I looked at the abandoned spot to my left. Adrian had left to find firewood. I shivered as the chill of the evenings wind crept through the dress I was wearing. It was clearly not meant to be worn on a trip like this.

A shrill bird's call pierced the oppressing silence and I jumped. With a sigh I once again burrowed into the circle to resume thinking. A twig cracked and I smiled and shut my eyes. It was Adrian coming back with the wood, I thought.

After a minute with no one speaking I opened my eyes so I figure out what he was doing. In front of me, however, was not anything I had expected. It was, a something.

It looked sort of like a horse but it clearly wasn't. Two great black wings spread from its sides and there were nearly invisible slits on its neck. Its tail, instead of a normal hairy horse tail was slim and fleshy. It was rather like a reptile's tail. Popping up from its wild mane of black hair were two small horns. The 'horse' on the whole was entirely black and looked like a demon from the underworld. It snorted into my face and all I could do was stare at it a scream forming on my lips.

The End

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