Chapter 14: Clump, Clump, Clump

I marched right up to him, the bitter words forming quickly on my tongue. I yelled and screamed at him. Guards quickly grabbed my arms, pinning them behind my back, and pushing me to the ground.

He quickly stood, rebuking them. They snapped back into their normal positions and he gently helped me up. He cupped my chin and looked deeply into my eyes. "Are you alright?" I pushed him away muttering, "Fine."

He crossed to his throne and perched on top of it. "Well my beloved, I'm here to tell you that you are now going to be my queen. I've created another world for us to live in. Your real body can exist in the other world. We can live here for eternity and our real bodies will stay the same the whole time we're here."

I gave him the most sarcastic look I could muster. "No." A look of anger briefly crossed his face. "You'll change your mind. I can keep you hear as long as I want. You won't wake. You'll be pursued and chased and persecuted. And there will be no end. Not until you come and beg for marriage."

I rolled my eyes, not believeing this for an instant. I walked out unhindered. I ran down out of the castle into the town below. I entered into my house and found Adrian lounging on the couch. I sat down next to him telling him all the things Josh had told me.

He digested all this information with a frown disfiguring his handsome face. When I finally fell silent we sat there a few moments, lost in thought. He began to stroke my hair and I completley lost my train of thought.

After another moment of silence footsteps came pounding down the stairs and Luella rushed down all distraught. We both stood begining to ask what in the world was going on when she hushed us and told us in whispered tones that were both wanted by the prince at the castle. We were to be imprisoned for life. She gave me a leather bag and showed me a secret way out of the house.

"There's a map in there. Go straight to New York and go to a small inn there called Holiday Inn." I again rolled my eyes at his complete plagerism of our world. "I'll be there as soon as I can. It will take you at least three days to get there. Watch out for soilders, they'll turn you in in an instant." With this she closed us in.

We walked quicly down the dusty corridor for what seemed like an hour. We came out on the otherside of town. We glimpsed the sorry sight of the end of town filled with poverty. I wanted to go over there and help those poor people, even if they were just made up, but Adrian whisked me away.

We walked briskly for about a half an hour, not talking to save energy. Then there was the ominous CLUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP of boots behind us. We spun to see a group of soilders coming close. I didn't know if they had spotted us but I pulled Adrian into the forest we had been walking along the edge of.

We ran through it like gazelle. Branches whipped and cut me. I gasped when I realized it actually hurt. I could feel things like pain in the dreams also. Adrian pulled me down into the hollow of a tree where we silently hid, praying that the soilders would pass us by.

Our prayers were answered. We watched the soilders pass by. Their numbers seemed endless when in reality there was roughly twenty. I hardly dared to breathe even as their boots clumped away.

I sat there, pressed against Adrian until the soilders were completley gone. Then I realized how close we were. Most of my body was pressed in a tense position against his bare torso. I completley froze before looking up into the storm that was his eyes.

He brushed away some blood from a particularly deep scar on my cheek. I grimanced and he silently pressed me against him. I closed my eyes and we sat there for a few minutes. Then he reluctantly helped me out. I brushed the soot off of my clothes and we continued to walk.

I spotted the forest growing even more into our path and groaned with despise. But we were gonna get there. Slowly but surley, we would get there.

The End

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