Chapter 13: Luella, Money, and More

As his warm arms curled around me I realized that's where I wanted to be for all eternity. With him. My name came, muffled through my hair "Amber." I sighed in contentment. His hands traced small circles on my back. The moment froze in time. It felt like we were there for hours, when in reality it was only a few seconds. We were rudley interupted by a man yelling, "Are you done with that wood yet boy?"

I disgruntedly pulled myself away from Adrian to face a burly man walking up the street. He was huge and strong, built for work, but his fine clothes clearly told me he was to rich to do it himself. Instead he had my dear Adrian. I marched right up to him, puffing my chest out with importance.

"Excuse me sir." I stepped right in his my path so that he had no choice but to answer me. "Yes, mam?" he asked politley, with a smile that just didn't light up his eyes. "I would like to buy him." I pointed to Adrian who had faithfully begun his chopping wood again. His brow creased as he thought it over. "Mmmmm, I suppose. How much are yeh willing to offer?"

I bit my lip. Josh may have totally switched up the money system. "I will talk of this to you later." I swung my head around regally, trying to look haughty. I swept past Adrian who whispered, "Meet me later. We need to figure this out." I entered my house once again and collapsed. I was going to kill Josh. Viciously. Maybe with a hammer. Then my maid popped up once again.

"Pardon me Miss. But I noticed you talking to Galore out there. Might I inquire what you were doing?" I looked at her then sighed. I needed an accomplice. Someone to help me figure out Josh's twisted game. Someone from this 'world' of his. Might as well be her, I supposed.

"What is your name?" I asked her. "Luella." she replied confusion written all over her face. "Sit down Luella. I'm going to tell you something very important." I sat her down right there and told her everything. From explaining my world down to the reason I was in hers. It took alot of convincing to get her to swallow the idea but eventually she agreed to help.

"Alrighty mam. I'll teach you the money system." We went upstairs and retrieved several large amounts of money. She taught me the names of the coins. It was fairly simple. There were 5 kinds. The most expensive was a peso which was a gold coin. The next was a Euro which was a gold silver mixture. The next was a dram; a silver coin. Even lower was a florin made of silver and bronze. The least of all these was the yuan which was only bronze. I rolled my eyes when I heard all these names. We had learned them last semester while studying foreign currencies.

I asked her how much a slave would cost. "It depends on the slave mam. If it was a good one I would say 20 pesos. If not about 10 florins." I nodded and opened the window to reveal my Adrian loading wood into a cart as the man Luella called Galore told him what to do. She smiled at me and said "Offer 15 pesos but no more than 20. With any luck you'll be able to save a few coins. Sometimes Galore can be very cheap."

I then bustled over and promptly bought Adrian for 17 pesos. I would have sold my soul for him but Luella was my expert and 17 pesos was enough. I led him to my house, head high, back straight, not looking back to see him trotting along behind me though I dearly longed to.

As soon as we were inside I threw my arms around his neck. "I'm so sick of this!" I said angrily into his shoulder. "I know dear heart. I know." Shivers went up my spine as he breathed these words. Unfortunalty Luella walked in at that moment.

We broke apart and I turned to face her. "Mam, the prince requires your presence at the castle immediatly." Rage boiled up inside of me. Why did he want to ruin my life?! "If I refuse to go?" I tried to contain my bitterness but it may have leaked into my voice. "That would not be wise mam. He's sent armed men. You should go."

I walked out the door seething. I touched Adrian's arm as I left, letting my fingers linger for only a second. I walked out to find a princley chariot outside with armed men around it. Many people in the streets were gawking at it but I stepped inside like I did this every day.

They took me the short trip up to the castle they took me inside of it to reveal a courtyard with a smaller castle in the center. Despite my anger at Josh I couldn't help but be amazed at his creation. Tiny, delicate blue birds fluttered overhead, silloueted against the bright sun.

They dropped me before huge doors, I assumed they lead to the throne room and, what a shock!, I was right. He sat, twirling a crown around his finger, waiting for me. A smile was spreading across his face at the sight of me. I was going to kill him.

The End

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