Chapter 12: Another Twisted Fantasy

The next day, I sat fidgeting in class. I could feel Josh's eyes burning holes in the back of my neck. I tries to focus on the complex math problem but it swam before my eyes, the numbers switiching around until I couldn't stand to look at it any longer. I instead fiddled with my fingers, pretending to be looking at the math but unable to.

I nearly ran out of class when the bell finally ran. I burst out of the school gasping for fresh air. The rest of the school's populace wouldn't be far behind so I walked briskly to my nearby house. A little bird flew past me toward its nest and felt jealous of it. To be able to fly away. To soar away from all these troubles and worries. But with a sigh I wandered on.

For the rest of the afternoon I tried typing out a report for school that was due next week but it turned into the story of how me and Adrian first met. With a sigh I switched off the computer and ate my now cold dinner. My parents had retired for the night and left me some cold hot dogs.

I ate them up quickly, slurping some ice cream for dessert. I tucked myself into bed thinking "What awaits me now?" It took me awhile to get to sleep, as it always does, but finally I sunk into sleep.

I sat bolt upright in bed. But not my bed. Another bed. I looked around the room with raised eyebrows. 'What in the world is going on?' was the only comprehending thought. I stood up, the sheets falling away to reveal a fancy-schmancy nightgown. A maid then bustled into my room saying "Morning 'mam. Have a good sleep?" I gave her a weird look and asked her what in the world was going on. She returned my look and replied, "What do you mean, 'mam?"

Then I realized this was probably one of Josh's twisted games. With a groan I asked her where exactly I was. "In the city of Troy. Capital of Paris." She responded, curiosity written all over her face. 'Typical. To lazy to come up with names so he stole some from our world.' I thought with an eye-roll.

"A-and who am I?" I asked with as much patience for this game as I could muster. "The daughter of a major merchant. And also the lady fancied by the prince himself." She said this last part filled with envy. "And this prince is.....who? Exactly?" I spat through clenched teeth.

"Prince Joshua of course. Once you and he are married of course, then you both will become king and queen." I permitted myself another eye-roll. Of course there would be something like this involved.

I strutted to the window, trying to look important like. "And will I be seeing him today?" "Oh yes. He has invited you to a special dinner by candle-light dinner at the castle." She was now straightening out my sheets and rummaging through my wardrobe full of dresses.

"Mmmmm..." was my response as I parted the curtains slightly to look down on the richer part of the city, the part closest to the towering castle. I turned my attention down from the window to see a lean figure chopping wood out on the street.

I focused in on the figure. I recognized the blowing black hair and focused gray eyes. Adrian. He was wearing only some knee-length pants and was chopping wood out on the street among all the passing people. I could trace every line of his muscled body, his tall, straight back shining in the sun. He was just

The maid bustled me from the window and dressed me in a dress that was apparently common for rich young ladies. I had a delicious breakfast indoors with my 'parents'. They were nice I guess. But neither of them compared to my new adoptive parents.

When they finally released me from my clutches, I tried to appear casual as I walked out onto the streets. It was impossible to walk in that absolutley ridiculous dress. I fought my way through the thronging crowd to where Adrian was still chopping wood. He looked up to see me fighting towards him. A slow smile spread across his face as he opened his bare arms to accept me into them.

The End

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