Chapter 11: Standing Up

I quickly slipped on some clothes to avoid attracting midnight stares in my pajamas; also to keep warm. It was pretty chilly out there. I donned jeans, a t-shirt, and my warm sweater. I finally completed the outfit with a warm, gray, stripy scarf.

I then proceeded to sneak out of the house and onto the lamp-lighted streets. We lived on a pretty busy part of town so I was sure there would be cars acting as my guardian angels. I reached Josh’s house without incident. However my plan went south from here.

I stared up at the house wondering what the hey to do. Just bust into the house? Unlikely! I didn’t exactly want to look like a burglar. A murderer when I was done with him maybe…..

That’s when I saw him framed in the window. He was staring out at the moonlit sky, his exposed chest glistening in the moonlight. Despite what other girls must think, I did not think one bit about how ‘handsome’ he might have looked to me. I had Adrian to fill that space.

Grinning at the thought I chucked a nice rock at the window. It bounced off harmlessly but it was enough to get his attention. He glanced down at me and I gave him a serious ‘Down here. Now.’ Look. He gave me an unreadable expression and disappeared from the window.

I waited, staring at the puff of smoke rising before my eyes. After a few moments he appeared in the door. His light golden hair blew slightly in the breeze. He walked down to where I stood fuming on the dark green lawn.

"I see you've decided to see things my way." he said, reaching his arms out to me. I gave him my most dissaproving look and marched right up to him, slapping his arms away.

"I don't care how much you think you like me, stay out of me and Adrian's dreams." with every word I jammed my finger into his chest, pleased at the look on is tanned face. "We don't need you and I don't want you. Go back to whatever girl who's heart you broke."

I then left with a great feeling of satisfaction. I snuggled into bed then, knowing that while I could only dream connect once a night, tomorrow I could be with Adrian. I drempt of Adrian the rest of the night. Sadly it wasn't the real him. I couldn't feel the real him. It depressed me.

I wanted to feel his arms around me. I wanted him to stroke my hair and tell me he was here for me. Not until tomorrow. Not until then.

The End

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