Chapter 10: Wake up! Please?

I hit the wall angrily with both fists. Meanwhile, Adrian and Josh were fighting. Literally, there were swords involved. I didn't know that Josh had taken up sword fighting! Or maybe fencing...

Anyways, that didn't matter! Josh had obviously be using the dream powers alot. He expertly threw deadly things at Adrian. Though he was clearly better with the blade, Adrian began to falter after the daggers were thrown at him.

Finally I gave up pounding and tried to think of ways to escape. After a few agonizing moments of nothing popping up, I had a classic idea. I bored a hole in the floor that ended on the other side of the wall. I slipped down into it and emerged on the other side.

I angrily threw a quick fire blast at Josh. I then rippled the ground to take him away from Adrian. I constructed a impenatrable bubble around him while I put both my hands on Adrian's face. "Wake up now!" I yelled at him. "You'll stay!" he yelled, grabbing my arms.

I concentrated my power through Adrian's temples. I could feel his body. His real one. It felt exactly like the dream one, except more real. Snapping out of it, I shook his real body with invisible hands. 'WAKE UP!' I mind~screamed. The last thing I felt was him sitting bolt upright. Then I was back in my own world/time.

I checked the clock. 2:00 a.m. Time to pay Josh a visit, don't you think?

The End

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