Chapter 9: What are you doing here?

I woke up in a midevil setting. I was wearing a flowy pink dress. Not being a dress person, I tried to switch to my normal skinny jeans and t-shirt. Not even the slightest change. I frowned. What was this all about?

"Adrian!" I called. No response. I walked up to the castle. I banged on the doors with both fists. Nothing.

I walked around the castle. Hmmmm. Where was Adrian? "Adrian!" I called again. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Then I realized he could be anywhere. I reached out with my mind, thinking 'Adrian?' I found his mind deep in the castle.

'Amber?' even his 'mind voice' had an accent that made my heart skip a beat. 'Adrian, what are you doing? Whats up with all this stuff?' I asked him. 'I'm not doing this. Listen Amber, you need to either wake up or go into a normal dream state. Someone is here and he imprisoned me to get to you.' 'Who?' I asked urgently. 'I don't know. GO NOW!'

Ignoring all his 'leave!' pleas I raced to the castle. I followed my mind-senses and found Adrian deep in the basement, chained to a wall. That was not gonna fly with me. I ran to him, conjuring a key as I ran. I quickly fitted the key in the lock as he rebuked me for staying. I caught him as he fell from the wall.

He held my arms tight. "Wake up!" he warned. "Wake up now!" His storm-filled eyes were intense. I gently touched his face, "I can't leave you here." He sighed, and held my hand to his face. "I'll wake up right after you. I promise you."

I narrowed my eyes. "Why after?" He looked deep down into my blue eyes, seeming to see straight into my soul. "Because I want to make sure you go instead of staying."

"Well well. How touching." came a voice. I turned, Adrian trying to pull me behind him. JOSH!?!? "What are YOU doing here?" I asked coldly. He grinned.

"Winning your affections." he told me softly but with an odd undertone. "Back off." snarled Adrian. Josh glared at him. With a single glance he had my dear Adrian crumpled against a wall. "Leave him alone!" I screamed at him. I then procedded to hurl a huge fireball at his head.

Seeing as none of us can undo anything another does, he was reduced to ducking. And for some reason he came up grinning. "Fiery temper." he grinned, using an invisible wind to blow me into his arms. "I like that." he whispered into my ear. I shoved him mightily.

I covered him in poisonous snakes before running over to my poor Adrian who was standing with murder written on his face. "Are you alright?" I asked, very concerned. "Fine." he murmered pushing me away and locking me behind an invisible wall. "What are you doing?" I screamed at him.

He looked at me, the storm rolling in his eyes so badly it frightened me."No one makes a fool of you. No one."

The End

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