Chapter 8: My Romeo

Seeing the far wall of my room saddened me beyond belief. I angrily punched the 'OFF' on my alarm clock. Several angry tears rolled off my cheeks. I dressed huffily and stormed downstairs. I ate my breakfast with out so much as a smile at my bleary-eyed dad.

I rode my bike to school that day. I didn't feel like talking. When I sat down at my desk Josh was coming back already. I cut off his question before it began. "Scram. Not interested." He gave me a puppy-dog face. "No." I told him.

He slouched back off to his desk. I tried to contain my snippiness the rest of the day. I missed my Romeo. What could I say?

I doodled his face most of the day. Staring at me from up in the trees. In the winding up of classes I drew his stormy gray eyes. I drew them in that semi-clear state when I had toppled into him. Just his eyes. None of the rest of his face. Just his eyes.

When I finished them I folded the paper up and tucked it in my pocket. I was going to keep them with me. When I got home I went straight up to the tree house and pinned up my pictures. Except for the eyes. I kept them.

The next hours seemed to take an eternity. I watched T.V., played cards with my dad, and cooked dinner with my mom. Tick tock. Tick tock. I nearly screamed in frustration. Every glance I through at the clock seemed to show it moving backwards.

Finally I gave up and went up for a shower. I let the hot water soak away my pain, tension, and anxiety. I let my mind go blank for the first time in the last few days. It was relaxing. When the water ran cold, I got out shivering. I dressed in my pajamas and read a book in my room. I was finally relaxing.

After awhile my mom knocked on my door. I told her to come in. She told me I should probably go to bed now. I checked the clock. 11:00! Yippes! I apologized and snuggled in.

I'm sorry Adrian! I'll be there in a few moments! I lay, tired in my bed. Knowing that I shouldn't think of sleep I thought of the moon. It lulled me right to sleep.

The End

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