Chapter 7: Dream World

I awoke in the desert. It was odd but acceptable. I walked around, taking in sights and sounds, perfectly aware I was dreaming. I looked for Adrian but I couldn't find him.

I attempted changing the scenery. It worked, I was now in the middle of a football field. So, he must not be here. Not sleeping yet? Possible. Could it be that was the only dream connect we'd get? I didn't want to think of it.

I changed the scenery to something more suitable. The green green forest I'd seen Adrian in. I climbed a few trees, actually feeling the rough bark under my hands. Eventually I didn't want to wait anymore and I had a knife appear in my hands.

Now don't you get into your head that I was going to hurt myself in the least! I instead plunged it into the tree. I carved out a heart. I wrote A + A inside. Now, I could have done this with a single thought, it felt more heartfelt carving it myself.

"Who's the second A? You're boy friend?" came a soft voice behind me. I spun around but no one was there. "Adrian?" I asked cautiously. "Here." he said. I looked up, and there he was, perched on a limb.

I couldn't have spoken in that moment to save my life. His eyes reflected the pain I had inflicted. It brought tears to my own eyes. I felt the wetness. I wiped my eyes angry at myself for letting myself cry. He jumped down immediatly. "What's wrong, love?"

Love. He called me love. "Adrian I am so sorry." I blubered. "I was being stupid. I shouldn't have denied you. Oh i'm so sorry!" I had run by then. I was running, determined not to let him see my tears.

"Amber wait!" he called. I ran. All of a sudden he popped up in front of me. I tried to apply my brakes but I crashed into him. We fell into a huge heap. I lay on top of him, blushing madly. "I'm so sorry Adrian! I mean I tried to stop but I..." He put a finger over my lips. "I know."

I stared down into those gray eyes. The storm had lessened. I could almost see beyond it.....almost....... I realized I was still on top of him. I got up quickly, my blushing doubly. He stood up, brushing off his own robes. I gulped. Why? No clue.

He told me to sit down. I did. We sat across from each other. I played with the grass and asked him a question that had begun nagging at the back of my mind. "How did you dissapear last night?" He simply looked at me as he responded in his soothing accent "I woke myself up." I looked up. "You left me a rose." His breath-taking smile blew me away as he said. "I couldn't stop loving you even if you didn't want me."

I blushed again and turned my attention to the grass. "How did you pop up before? Can you really run that fast?" I asked him, head low. "It's a dream. I can do any thing. Well, almost anything." I looked up quickly. "Almost?"

"I can't undo anything you do. Remember? Last night." I put my head down again. Then I started losing my vision. The grass grew blury. "Amber?!? You're fading!" I looked up to see his fuzzy concerened face. "Morning." I whispered. His face was frantic. "Don't leave me!" he cried taking my fading hands. "Good morning." I told him, feeling his hands vanish out of mine.

I awoke in my room to the steady BEEP BEEP BEEP! of my alarm clock. I felt like crying.

The End

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