Chapter 6: If Only Sleep Came Easily

I could hardly wait for school to be over, I was fidgity and couldn't sit still to save my life. I very nearly told my teachers to just get to their points several times. I wished it was night. I wanted to dream~connect with Adrian.

At home I couldn't even stand my mom asking me how school was. I dropped my back pack off in my room and ran outside and went up into the old tree house in the backyard. It had belonged to the family who had lived there last. Now I used it.

I sat down and the little shelf that served as my desk. I pulled out a piece of paper and began to draw. It kept my hands busy but my mind wandered. I thought of the eternal sadness of Adrian. The sadness caused by me. No one else. It was my fault he was miserable.

If our dreams connected tonight I would tell him what I had been thinking. Another thing, how had that happened? Well, I suppose if you love someone enough your inseperable. Even time can be tackled. But through dreams? Why through dreams?

I looked down onto the paper and realized I had reconstructed Adrian's face. His eyes stared up at me, his dark curls were blown back by a gentle wind. Then I knew he could see me through this. I drew his whole body, then I drew the surroundings. I sort of let my hand do the work. I was only partly aware of what I was doing. He was on the blacktop. Just like last night.

I taped this up on the wall then proceeded to draw another. This time it was his face the first time I saw it in the dream. Above me, framed by sunlight with the blue eternity of the sky streching away above him.

I drew him repeatedly until I ran out of ways that i'd seen him to reconstruct. I looked up to realize that the sun was setting. I went into the house to have my now cold dinner set before me. I ate it quickly, showered and went to bed early. My parents looked at me strangley but didn't question me.

I lay in my bed for an hour. Waiting. I rolled. I tossed. I turned. Sleep evaded me. If only sleep came easily. Finally I just stared out the window to see the moon. I stared at it and it stared right back. Then I was asleep.

The End

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