Chapter 5: A Rose Calling Card

I paced up and down the blacktop. "So, your having this dream 100s of years in the past at the same time i'm having it in the present." He looked at me. "I'm in the present. You're in the the future." "It doesn't matter who's in the present. But how how can we explain our dreams melding together?''

He took me by the shoulders and spun me towards him. "Why don't we stop this? Let's enjoy our time together." His ams were touching mine so softly. I wanted more than anything to hold him to me. But it was wrong to indulge my personal wants. This could be a way of changing history and I needed to figure out how to use it if I wanted to benefit mankind.

And yet.........

I gently pulled his hands off my arms. "Adrian." I told him. The look of eternal sadness swept across his face. "You don't want me." he whispered. I shook my head violently "That's not..." "You don't want me." he repeated cutting me off. He then turned, sighed, and vanished on the spot.

I stared at where he disapeared, a cold spot appearing in my chest. I looked up to see the wall he had created crumble into nothingness. Then, looking down I saw a rose in his place. I picked it up and buired my face in it. Adrian.......

"AMBER!" called my new mother. "WAKE UP OR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" she hollered up the stairs. I sat bolt upright. I remembered every detail perfectly. But he was gone.

The End

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