Chapter 4: Who? How? Why?

That night, I snuggled in for a full night of rest. I wondered how I was going to fall out of love with a painting.

The last thing I saw before drifting off to dreamland was Adrian's face swiming before my eyes. I drifted off into a normal dream. I was running on the track team. All of a sudden my feet wouldn't move. The track team ran me over and I lay on ground unable to move.

Then a face appeared above mine. It was fuzzy at first but as it cleared I recognized stormy gray eyes. "Adrian?" I whispered. "Hello love." he said. His accent hypnotized my ears and his face hypnotized my eyes. He gently picked my up off the ground. I suddenly could move again.

I stood next to him as he steadied me. I realized that I was dreaming and was about to wake myself up when Adrian brushed a stray hair off my face. His hand felt real on my face.

I shook my head in fervent denial. "This is all a dream. All a dream." I walked away from him towards town which appeared deserted. "It is a dream." came his soft smooth voice. This was the last thing I exspected. I turned.

He looked at me, his red robes swirling around his legs. "How I wish I could find you." I simply stared. "I wish I could see beyond the dreams!" he was storming now, stomping around angrily. "No, wait. This is my dream." I told him. "What are you talking about?" He turned to look at me. "I fell asleep at my house, started dreaming and you were here. I'm dreaming you up because I was learning about you all day." I told him, turning again and heading toward town.

He looked at me. "Your dream? I've been dreaming you for a month now. I think I know that your in my dreams." He came closer, reaching for me. I turned and walked away. A giant wall abstructed my leaving. I tried to get rid of it. It wouldn't budge. I thought of every method I could. Big and impenatrable as ever.

I turned. "Your doing?" He nodded. "You can't move it can you? That proves its my dream." I looked at him. Then I produced a wall of my own. "Move it." I told him. He had a look of intense comcentration on his face. He couldn't move it.

"Both of us are in the same dream?" I reasoned. "How?" He pondered. "Why?"  I asked.

The End

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