Chapter 3: Adrian

I could not get that face of eternal sadness out of my mind. I could see it burned into my memory forever. I didn't even realize it when I had entered my bed. I looked around and Realized I couldn't remember what had happened in between seeing Adrian and getting into my bed.

Since we always took field trips on Fridays I planned on learning everything I Could about Adrian. I fell asleep into a deep dreamless sleep. I needed the rest.

I took my bike down to the museum the next morning. I searched for the guide from the day before. But apparently he was out for the day. I asked for someone to tell me about a painting. They gave me a perky blonde that pepped me right out. I rolled my eyes and asked her to tell me about the painting.

She told me that the boy in the painting had died hundreds of years ago. I asked her to tell me more about him. "Well, the painter chose him because of his odd visions. Every night he would dream of a beautiful girl. With his looks he could have had any woman he wanted, even the queen, but his dreams kept him from loving anyone else. Funny huh?" She gave me an over peppy look as she chewed her gum with her overly fake grin plastered on her face.

"What else can you tell me?" I asked her impatiently. "He devoted his life to finding the woman of his dreams. He never found her and died lonley but dreaming of his lover. I wonder who she was..." For the first time she looked as though she had a brain in her head.

I stared up into the sad face of Adrian. I felt wetness in my cheek and realized there was a tear on my cheek. I reached up to touch the painting to have my hand slapped by the guide girl. "No touchy touchy!" She chirped at me. I glared her and told her I was going to look at the other paintings now. I pretended to be engrossed in the picture of a woman on a bridge. She skipped away cheerily and I went back to the painting.

I gently touched it. I could almost feel the heartbeat on his finely painted chest. His stormy eyes stared down into mine and for a moment I could almost see a happiness to see me in them. I had the greatest urge to pull it down and run with it.

When the museum kicked me out I saw the eyes go from happy to devastated. At least that's what I thought. "Goodbye Adrian." I whispered as the chipper girl chatted away while hustling me out the door.

The End

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