Chapter Two: Field Trip

That morning, was like any other. I got out of bed, dressed, ate, blah blah blah. My new mom had made pancakes. What? Oh you wanna know what I mean by new mom?

Well, you see I was an orphan. My father died before I was born and my mother had died about 2 years before this. But I know she's in a better place so I'm ok about it. I had lived in the orphanage for 2 years and was readopted 2 months ago.

Anywyas, my 'mom' drove me to school and I was deposited in front. I looked at it with loathing. With all the things in the world I could be doing I was here. Ugh. But I entered and sat down to my my first and last class. Half of them were already early.

I sat down in my normal seat in the back. I streched my legs and rolled my eyes as I saw Josh,  the class 'hottie' headed my way.

"Hey, Amber. I was wondering if your busy tomorrow night?" He leaned on my desk smiling goofily. I stood and looked him in the eye. "No." I then sat and watched him walk away in dejection. My friend Jean plopped down next to me and rebuked me repeatedly for turning him down. I smiled and rolled my eyes. I once again explained that this guy was not the one for me.

Later, we were going through the art exibit on our trip. I was looking around, very bored as our guide droned on and on about old paintings. Ugh, I'd rather be in class.

Then our guide pointed at a particularly captivating picture. It was of a teenager our age. He was standing in a forest holding a rose. He had light red robes and had a look of incredible sadness in his face. His long dark hair curled around his face, looking like a frame of darkness. His stormy gray eyes seemed to look out of the painting straight at me, seeing into my very soul. He was tall and lean, but not heavily muscled.

I walked straight up to the painting. His eyes captivated me. All I heard from the guide was his name. Adrian. I knew from that moment I loved him. I didn't know how, I didn't know why but I did. Our teacher hustled us into the next room but I didn't take my eyes off Adrian. As I left the room, in my last fleeting look he looked even sadder.

The End

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