Dreams of a 11 year old who is sometimes called odd.

Yep. The title says it. This is where you can talk about how you'll called "Odd," or a "Nerd" HA!

                                                Dreams of a 11 year old who is sometimes called odd. (Part One)

Dear Person who is reading this,

Yes, dear simple person, I've beeen called "Odd," "Neard," and a swear word by a person I know. NOT MY PARNETS OR FAMILY! It was when me and my friend got in a fight..

Any who, I'm werid. Now, I counting down the days till I can start over in middle School. A year or so to go!

Well..you know what certian person, I'm not saying names, I will be known world wide! Even if it's for trying to take over Switzland, I will be known!  -Laughs Evily-

I don't care, kids in my class who are my friends, if  I travel the world with the lot of you as a assiant, or secrtany.  Yes I will climb Eversert with out you! I'll race you!

I don't  care if I don't live in you manison on the beach in Calfiona!
 I'll live in New York City! As a famous writer!! Or Singer/Actor, or just for being me!

You know what, I am popular. I popular for being me! I'm trying to be like you! Your like the last person I'd ever think of being like!

Your Truly,



The End

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