Me and Alex are best friends and had been stuck in the same situation, I told him about how I'm going to end my life and there's something curiously wrong about that,

"No! Jack you can't! Now you've said it you cant take it back! Look, you know Andrew?! Yeah, well, he has said something forbidden for you to know, but I dont care because we're both going to die anyway!" Alex collapsed on the floor crying.

"Alex what is it? Get up!" I screamed. It started to rain. Alex stood up and looked at me seriously,

"If you die... I die aswell..." He said.'Oh no!' I thought we were trapped... again! We ran through the wet soggy mud and grass, not turning back. Me and Alex were in the same miserable puzzle again, and the moral this time was, Sacrifise or survive...

Some kind of smell was int the air, the smell of hypnotizing pie - it was this lovely pie that hypnotizes you, making you turn from running and follow the smell to a little cottage on a lovely looking field, which wasn't so lovely... I quickly grabbed my gas mask I carry around just in case,

"Alex! Put your Gas Mask on!" I called, knowing I gave him one. However, he had dropped it on the way. He wandered away to the house, there was nothing I could do...

The End

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