About how a teenage boy has always wondered about how we get Dreams and finds out he gets stuck in a NIGHTMARE!!!

Dreams. How do they happen? Who knows... ? Who cares..? I care, but it seems to me that no-one else does. When I was young I never had a nightmare, but when I did... it went terribly wrong.

Hi, my name is Jack and I have been through many things, for many years. I am forbidden to tell anyone about it or I will fall... Fall? You might think, well, thats for me to know, and you to find out.

I am 16, 10 when it happened. I am taking a terrible risk, but I give up this life and want something better...

Wandering round. Again and again.

"Jack!" Alex called. I turned looking at him, smiling.

"Hey Alex, s'up" I replied.

The End

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