Never give up

I woke up on my bed, the curtains were closed and I was completely alone. "Xavior?" I whispered, trying to come round. No-one awnsered. I ran through what I had seen in my head, trying to conect the pictures. All I could comprehend was feelings and emotions.

I winced as I tried to get up, I must have hit the ground hard I kept my composed expression...poorly. Xavior came into the room, looking at the floor. Suddenly, I couldn't control my emotions and I reached out for him, hugging myself into his chest, I felt Xavior hesitate, then wrap his arms around me "You remember then?"

I shook my head "Only feelings" I murmered.

Xavior pulled away "You need to go home"

I looked up at him, confusion and anger washing over me "I am home"

"No Aradessa, home is a place where your safe, a place-"

"I repeat this is my home! I didn't belong anywhere before, but I feel happy, I have friends, adventure and someone I love, I...this is my home Xavior"

"What did you just say?"

"I said that this is my home"

"No" he smiled "You said you have someone to....l-love"

"So?" I blushed "I hit my head"

His arms constricted around me and he kissed my forehead "I'm going to do my best to help you...if thats what you want. I wont give up on you, not now, not ever"

I was glad to have my face hidden, I didn't want him to know how much that meant to me, and how very much I wanted it to be true and stay with him forever


The End

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