Memory lake

My head span all day, I hardly paid attension to anything. I wore another dress due to the warmth but training was cancelled and every other activity was too. Lilly, Nikki and Hannah were busy with the guys so I couldn't hang out with them and HQ was practically deserted.

I roamed around the grounds for a bit, exploring the seperate training grounds, chill out zones and forest areas within the camp site. That last about 2, maybe 3 hours and then, once again I was stuck.  My thoughts drifted toward the dream I'd had last night and I made a split second decision. I ran into the forest, going on nothing but feeling, I stopped when I heard the sound of trickling water and pushed through to see the river.

I couldn't see much across the river, just the deepness of the wood. The lake was blue and very clear, I knelt beside it and watched as it ran over rocks,making shapes ripple in the water. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the water.

Images flashed through my brain, triggering something:

Xavior standing behind me, us laughing, he gets closer, a tear tricklingdown his cheek 'I love you' and then it was black. Other images shot through my head at 1000mph, I cried out in pain, clutching my head.

"Aradessa? Aradessa, whats wrong?"

I couldn't awnser, I only clutched my head harder as if to stop the pain.

The End

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