The truth is, I wanted to stay there in Xavior's arms. My heart was close to bursting out of my chest and every few minutes I felt a slight pressure on the top of my head. I let the tears run their course, they were silent but Xavior kept on repeating "Shhh, it's okay. I'm here". I didn't know I was possible of a reaction like this, a reaction to something so, it's not trivial. The truth is, I'd been so caught up in hating this guy, convinced that he was the sole reason for all of this...I'd clouded my vision.

Xavior sat me down on the bed beside him and held me. He just held me to his chest, not saying one word, just holding me. I didn't know how long we stayed like that but I felt my eyelids drooping uncontrollably and found myself slipping into unconciousness:

I was by a lake, humming cheerfully when someone grabbed me from behind, Xavior. He smiled, knowing he'd surprised me, he kissed my cheek from behind 'I have to tell you something' he whispered into my ear.
'what is it?'
Xavior turned me to face him, his eyes soft but feirce 'I-"

My eyes fluttered open, I concentrated on the birdsong outside, everything slowly came into focus. I felt a shake from my side and turned to see Xavior's face, he was chuckling "Goodmorning"

"W-What's so funny?"

Xavior smiled at me "Are you fully awake now?"

"Y-Yes, why?"

"You kept on waking up, talking to me"

My cheeks burned "What did I say?"

Xavior smirked "Alot, some of it made hardly any sense at all but other bits...."

"What other bits?" I demanded "What did I say?"

"'I have to tell him' that was quite confusing then you said 'I have to tell Xavior how I feel' that was the most coherent things you said" He smiled and stroked the hair out of my face "So Aradessa, tell me, how do you feel?"

"I-I um..." My cheeks burned up and I shook my head.

"You'll have to tell me sooner or later" he kissed my cheek and stood up "Even if you say it when your half-asleep I'd like to hear it when your fully aware of yourself"

I lay frozen on my bed...did I say...that in the night, I'm sure I'd remember though...
Lilly came through the door, her arms crossed and a smile half a mile wide. "I knew you couldn't ignore him, it's an impossibility"

"I...what happened?" my head span slightly, confusion taking over every other emotion.

She shrugged "You should ask Xavior, though I doubt he'll tell you"

The End

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