I had stormed away from Xavior but he followed me, hanging around like a pest. "Leave me alone Xavior, I'm not going to get mixed up in your little games" I have the strangest feeling of deja-vu here.....

Xavior just smirked, still striding at my side." What part of leave me alone do you not understand?" I ran into my house at top speed and slammed the door behind me. That should keep him out.

I walked into my room and decided to change, I had only gotten dressed no more than 2 hours ago but the training thing....I pulled out a 3/4 length purple dress with sleeves that flowed down the arms gracefully and pulled it over my head.

I strode over to the window and took in the view, the blue,sunny sky, the gorgeous greener, Xavior below my window...wait. Xavior?! I looked again and sure enough, there he was, sitting directly below my window on the forest floor below. I scowled at him but decided I would ignore his presence. I found a peice of paper and a pen and began to randomly sketch things.

Lilly came in after about an hour "Hey Dessa, did you know that blondie is below your window?"


"And your just going to ignore him?"


Lilly sighed "You should cut the guy some slack, sure he's annoying but... the way he looks at you, I suppose you don't see it do you? He looks at you your the only thing that matters, like his life revolves around you"

"Yeah right" I mumble

"You should have seen him when I told him you had a boyfriend, he was outraged, not that he showed it. He wanted you to be happy but it didn't stop him turning a frightening colour. And when Isaid you broke up with him because there was no chemistry...the relief that flashed across his face..." She shook her head.

He's been looking out for me? All this time he's been so kind and all I've done is....I ran full pelt into my room and pulled the window open "Xavior!" I called, looking around, my face fell as I saw he was not there, I'd missed my chance. Tears welled in my eyes.

"Aradessa?" I looked down, and there on the branch directly below my window was Xavior. He studied my face and jumped up through my window 2Whats wrong?"

"I-I wanted to appologise, for being so...rude. I didn't mean...." I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

Xavior pulled me into a tight hug "Stop that, I was theone who kissed you without permission, besides we both know how we feel right. Thats all that matters and for now, I'm willing to be anything you need, even if it means I'll just be a friend"

The End

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