"Aradessa? are you okay? you ran out before I could...Dess?"

"I'm fine, just a bit dizzy. Y'know, from the singing"

"Oh, right. You should get to bed though, your not looking so good"

"I think I'll do that" I turned away from Lilly and ran to the tree, using the spell as taught and collapsing on my bed.

My dreams were strange:

Xavior played his guitar, singing with me in harmony. When he stopped and stood up, he took my hands and kissed me. The next thing I knew I was by a lake and then ......


My eyes fluttered open to reveal the light of a new day, I washed and dressed quickly then ran to the training feild. 

I pushed through the crowd so I could see the demonstration, Xavior was displaying a sword fighting technique. He parried, thrust, feinted, twirled and pretended to disarm hisimaginary opponent.

"And that my friends is how you fight when your partner is using an invisibily spell" I saw Daren appear as he took his sword and rejoined the crowd. "Pair up and see who can defeat their partner first"

Everyone chose a partner and just like PE, I was alone. I sighed old habbits die hard

Xavior strode over and handed me a sword "Time to see how much you know"

Xavior and I circled eachother, I was reluctant to fight him after seeing his expert display back there.

"C'mon, just think of all the reasons to fight me"

"I can't"

"All the times I've annoyed you or done something to bug you"

"I've already got you back for" I really don't want to fight again...fighting Logan was a sinch...Xavior on the other hand...Xavior pulled me into the forested area.

"Here, we're in private now."

"That doesn't make a difference"

Xavior sighed and thrust, I poorly parried "I'm telling you, I don't feel the need to fight you, so I'm not going to."

Xavior smiled "I'll give you a reason" He stepped foward as if to cut and as I began to parry he pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine. My arms were crushed but I felt the fury building, my cheeks growing hot.

I drew my sword and thrust, he parried, thrust, parry,feint, thrust,parry feint, thrust,parry,feint...I saw an opening and twisted his blade with the tip of mine and let it clatter to the floor. Xavior smiled "See, all you needed was a little motivation"

I glared Xavior as I stumbled away "Dont ever do that again, or I swear it wont be pretty"

Xavior smirked  He'so full of himself!

The End

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