Lee, Logan, Daren and Dan walked off stage and Xavior swapped his electric gutar for an accoustic one.

I heard a few gasps from the audience

I turned to my friends "Does Xavior play alone alot?"

Lilly smiled "No"

"Well when did he last play alone?"

Nikki and Hannah exchanged smiles "He doesn't" they giggled


"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the stage, Aradessa" The crowd cheered

"What?!" Lilly, Hannah and Nikki pushed me on stage.

"Aradessa, you know the song 'if you love me for me' right?"

"Um...yeah" I mumbled. Thats my favorite song...though it's from a barbie movie.

"Then please sing" his eyes pleaded with me, my hands shook, my knees wobled and I could feel the stares boaring into my back "How about a little encouragement?" The crowd cheered.

"Fine" I grumbled. Xavior struck the first cord "once a lass met a lad, your a gentle one said she, in my heart I'd be glad, if you loved me for say your love is true, and I hope that it will be...."

"I'd be sure, if I knew that you loved me for me"

"Could I be the one you're seeking? Will I be the one you choose? Can you tell my heart is speaking? My eyes will give you clues"

"What you see may be deceiving, Truth lies underneath the skin"

"Hope will blossom by believing"

Xavior sang with me "The heart that lies within"

He then sang on his own "I'll be yours,Together we shall always be as one, If you love me for me"

Together again we ended "If you love me for me...."

I head the clapping come from the crown and I realised that I'd completely forgotten their presence.

Xavior stood beside me and bowed "I knew you could do it" he whispered then kissed me on the cheek.


As soon as I was out of the gazeebo I took deep breaths, Why was the scene back there so familiar? and why did I let him kiss my cheek? I groaned, normal teen or not, I still have problems.

The End

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